FC St. Pauli: That is why Timo Schultz does not have an escape clause

“Just write in,” said trainer Timo Schultz (44) with his typical smile, animating the BILD reporter to report on the execution of a contract extension.

That was of course fun under the Spanish sun. But the FC St. Pauli coach has never talked so casually about the new working paper. It shows that the signature is just a formality. With official seriousness, Schultz declared that “‘promptly’ hits the announcement quite well.”

New contract with no back door. That’s why Schultz doesn’t want an escape clause

The new contract will not have a release clause, for example for a top club. Schultz explains why: “As a coach, how do I want to convince a player of a project when I have an exit clause myself and am eager to change myself somehow? That is not an issue for me. “

Schultz has been with St. Pauli since 2005 and has great faith in the current project with sports director Andreas Bornemann (50): “Andreas and I are much more relaxed than many who are around. For weeks and months it has been clear to us that things will continue. We really discussed a lot of topics in peace. Everything went exactly as Andreas and I imagined. “


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