FC St. Pauli: promotion? That’s just not enough!

The dream is in danger!

At first, FC St. Pauli didn’t want to be promoted, but then they liked the idea. but after the 0:1 and the performance in Rostock Coach Timo Schultz (44) and sports director Andreas Bornemann (50) have to say: It’s just not enough like that! Even if you are only one point behind leaders Werder in third place.

Too little hardness! Too little danger! Too few alternatives!

It was back, the Pauli problem with the break. There were four international breaks this season. And right after that things went badly for the Kiez-Kicker. Low point: the 0: 4 in Darmstadt. Schultz: “There is no longer an international break. So we put a tick behind the topic. I can’t argue it away.”

But Schultz urgently needs to take care of current issues.

► Not enough hardness.

As expected, Hansa got down to business aggressively. Not only Luca Zander, Jakov Medic, Leart Paqarada and Simon Makienok felt that. Of course, Rostocks Verhoek and Malone got yellow cards in two situations. But also pain and respect on the Pauli side.

Beautiful moves were not required in this explosive duel. Incomprehensible why Schultz relied on technician Finn Ole Becker and did without Christopher Buchtmann in the starting XI. He can also dish out aggressively.

Schultz says: “We have not withdrawn. We pulled through in duels just as well, we were just as aggressive.”

However, the duel record is clear: Rostock won 56 percent of the duels. There wasn’t even a yellow card for Pauli.

Schultz: “It’s clear that Rostock at home in front of their own crowd might be a bit more committed and aggressive than we are. But that was not the decisive point today.”

► Too little danger.

Again no goal by Guido Burgstaller, again no Pauli victory. The stutter-clipper’s lull is worse than it’s been this season, with four straight games without a hit. After his success with Ghana (World Cup qualification), Daniel-Kofi Kyereh was not able to bring the fire he was used to to the pitch at all.

“In general, we found it difficult to focus on offense,” Schultz defended Kyereh. “It was more of a team problem. Our usual processes, the clarity of getting into the last third, where the boys can also play to their strengths. We have done too little there.”

► Too few alternatives.

Schultz always praises the balance of the squad. But failures like that of Jackson Irvine (reconstruction training after Corona) do not seem to be equally replaceable in the starting eleven.

Even after the 0:1 Schultz wanted to bring new impetus. But Rico Benatelli and Lukas Daschner couldn’t even begin to fulfill this expectation.

Good for St. Pauli that HSV said goodbye to the promotion race, Nuremberg lost and Werder only played a draw. Saturday against Bremen. After that, the world of ascension can look very different again…


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