FC St. Pauli: Premium Zoff for the cup and promotion before the Darmstadt game

Former coach Jos Luhukay (58) did not believe in too much harmony at FC St. Pauli. The current trainer Timo Schultz (44), on the other hand, repeatedly affirms how happy everyone is to come to work at Kollaustrasse. But this facade crumbles in the last few meters of the season. And that in an exciting ascent battle!

Because at St. Pauli there’s bonus Zoff.

Outstanding contract talks and uncertainty about the future have already caused a crunch in the dressing room (BILD reported). Before Easter, sports director Andreas Bornemann (50) announced talks with consultants for the “next days and weeks”. There’s no progress yet.

Surprisingly, this also applies to the honoring of the cup victory against Dortmund (2:1). An agreement on the premium is still pending. The game was already on January 18th. That’s why the team council tried to talk to Bornemann this week.

Captain Philipp Ziereis (29), Guido Burgstaller (32) and others represented the interests of all professionals. But what was later reported to them met with a lack of understanding.

Bornemann is said to have given the vacation of a person responsible for finance as the reason for the pending agreement on the cup money.

In addition, the team council wanted to negotiate a promotion bonus for everyone. With the large number of actors (players, coaches, assistant coaches, athletic trainers, supervisors, etc.), it should be a sum of at least one million euros.

But Bornemann is said to have considered this wish inappropriate. Because some players have individually agreed bonuses.

No extensions, no cup bonus, no promotion coal for everyone. That doesn’t necessarily provide additional motivation in the fight for promotion…


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