FC St. Pauli: Praise for Igor Matanovic: “It burns, it is so hot!”

He comes back bit by bit. In the 3-1 win against Sandhausen, Igor Matanovic (18) made the next step.

Since mid-April, the attacker has cured an inflammation of the pubic bone. After two minutes at 1: 1 in Bremen, coach Timo Schultz let him storm from the 65th minute: “In just under 30 minutes he has four or five insane actions where he prevails against opponents.”

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Matanovic prepared the 3-1 for Kyereh. Shortly before, he prevailed in the penalty area, went to the ground after Immanuel Höhn kicked his shin. There was no whistle from the referee.

Schultz: “He still has a lot to learn. That’s the beauty of him. He wants that too. He wants to work. That is his greatest strength, that he burns every training, that he wants to get better. If we continue to build it carefully, then we will have a lot of fun with it. “

The talent no longer belongs to St. Pauli, but was sold to Bundesliga club Frankfurt and immediately loaned until 2023. This change has not changed anything for both sides, players and club.

Schultz: “He is so highly motivated. It’s so hot. That doesn’t play a role for him either. He is rather happy that this has been resolved. That he can concentrate on the situation with us. “


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