FC St. Pauli: Coach Timo Schultz doesn’t want to know anything about the promotion

It sounds like great recognition of the work at FC St. Pauli. But coach Timo Schultz (43) doesn’t want to know anything about it.

When asked about his promotion favorites, ex-HSV goalscorer Simon Terodde (33) named HSV, Werder, Heidenheim – and Pauli in addition to his new club Schalke. An accolade for the team from Harald-Stender-Platz.

“He probably only remembered the last two games and said that accordingly,” said Schultz, smiling away from the season goal when asked by BILD. After the 2: 2 and 1: 0 in the derbies, Pauli is still city champion. “There are bigger favorites than us. We know where we come from and remember the last few years well. “

Despite the good second half of the season, Schultz struggles with goals for the season: “I’ve seen a lot of things where we can still improve. We gave up some players, we have to compensate for that. “

There is an opportunity to practice that on Saturday (1 p.m., Norderstedt) in the test against Denmark’s first division club Odense BK. Schultz: “It will be a mixture of playing a starting XI and trying it out. All players who are fit will be used. It may well be that one or the other plays 60 or 70 minutes. “

Nikola Vasilj (25) will even play for 90 minutes in goal. But competitor Dennis Smarsch (22) will get his chance next week against former club Hertha.

Jackson Irvine (28) will not be there. The new one is still behind after three weeks of vacation. Schultz: “Putting him in the training business doesn’t make sense for him or the team. The goal is not for him to be able to train fully next week. But that he is completely competitive at the start of the season. “


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