FC Schalke: country three-way battle decided! Thiaw is now playing for Germany

There are still sporty lucky stories at Schalke!

Malick Thiaw’s (19) is such a positive moment in the gray reality of the relegating Pott club (10 points, 16:66 goals). The central defender has already played 14 games this season (one goal) and has been on the pitch for 90 minutes in the last five games.

In the defense center, Thiaw is still the most stable professional despite the flood of goals conceded. In contrast to Shkodran Mustafi (28), he does not stand out with constant mistakes, but with a solid play structure and robustness in the duels.

The young national trainer Stefan Kuntz (58) has not remained hidden from the strong Thiaw development in recent months. Now the defense jewel has been nominated for the U21 for the first time, will go to the EM!

Thiaw happily: “I am grateful and proud that I was nominated for the German U21 national team for the first time. I can promise that I will do my best at the European Championship so that we will be as successful as possible as a team. “

With this, the DFB also wins the three-country battle for the central defender. Background: His father comes from Senegal, his mother is Finnish, Thiaw himself was born in Düsseldorf and was given a German passport at short notice.


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