FC Schalke 04: With THIS photo Peter Knäbel gets really emotional

Terodde in the national team? Is Schalke still threatening a point deduction? Can HSV make it up? What is happening at Werder? Many questions and answers can be found in “Super 2 – The Cult League”, only on BILD Live.

This time, moderator Carli Underberg was reinforced by cult kicker Maik Franz (40). The former Bundesliga star (192 Bundesliga games / two Bundesliga promotions) is also enthusiastic about the 2nd division. Franz: “The 2nd league is a bit special this year in front of all the charisma. If you take this whole tradition into account, it is the coolest 2nd division of all time. There is a lot of tension there. You can see that in the table. The perceived top teams are in the middle of the league. It’s going to be a rocky road for the clubs. I really enjoy it. “

Schalke’s sports director Peter Knäbel (54) and HSV captain Sebastian Schonlau (27) were also involved. The focus was also on the general assembly at the relegated Werder Bremen.

Peter Knäbel on …

… sporting development so far: “We are on the path that we imagined so hard. The last game against Düsseldorf showed where we want to go. This has to be confirmed. “

… the end of the transfer period: “We are very satisfied. But the transfer of Amine Harit was of vital importance to us. Especially considering his salary. That’s why we had to fight for another two days. “

… the impending deduction of six points: “The sword of Damocles hovers over us, of course. We always had to reckon with the worst case. The Harit transfer was important to us. With a lot of effort we would have managed to do this. The transfer gives us air. “

… the sporty quality: “It is important that we are sure that we can put together a good second division squad. All players can help us. I am very satisfied, but it still has to grow together. ”

… the transfers from Harit and Kabak: “The most important thing was to maintain our financial liquidity. We have not been overwhelmed with offers for our players. It’s about looking for solutions. The solutions for Harit and Kabak were not our desired solutions. “

… the return of the fans: “We are also working to ensure that the fans of the active scene come back. That gives Schalke that special note again. “

… the extension of Büskens and Asamoah: “Both of them are important and have invested a lot for us. Both have a high level of credibility. You will still give us a lot. “

… about Simon Terodde in the national team: “I do not want to dispute this proposal with Walter M. Straten. I still think that we have enough strikers in Germany who deserve to play in the national team. We need him 100 percent here. In Switzerland, for example, all clubs have a forward coach. “

Speaking of Terodde! When the new Schalke clipper (6 goals this season) is discussed, a picture of the Schalke goal celebration is shown. Knäbel emotional: “What a great picture!”

That’s when Peter Knäbel (right) got emotional. Schalke celebrating the goalPhoto: BILD

Sebastian Schonlau on …

… the captain’s office: “It is generally rather unusual to become a captain as a newcomer. When the coach asked me about it, I was of course happy. It’s a great honor for me to be the captain for such a big club. That makes me very proud.”

… the responsibility: “With that there are more things to come. I am even more in focus. That’s what I hoped for through the change. “

… the failed Cologne move: “Of course, I also thought about the scenario in advance. The first division was already in my head. But I’ve never regretted the move. I fully support my decision. Even if we are still playing in the second division. “

… the climb: “In terms of points, we all had something else in mind. New coach, new game idea – it has to develop. You can’t do that in five or six weeks of preparation. You can see from game to game that we are getting better and better at implementing these things.

… Statistics: “We want the ball. Of course we want to score even more goals then. At the front we lack the ultimate conviction to make the goal with all determination. We are working on it in training, then we will soon succeed. “

… comparison Baumgart – Walter: “Both want to play football. What both have in common is their passion and love for sport. “

… the final placement of HSV: “I hope we will be first. I hope that Schalke will be among the top three. There is always a surprise team. I wouldn’t mind if it was Paderborn. “

And Werder Bremen?

Since he expects BILD reporter Roman Unger, despite the relegation, a generally calm general meeting. Unger: “When it comes to the election of the new supervisory board, it could be more turbulent.”

Franz: “Unfortunately, I think Werder is already in ruins. If you follow the development of the last few years, it is tragic. After all, they made two good deals with Ducksch und Weise at the end of the transfer period. “


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