FC Bayern: The people of Munich are still fighting for these titles

Relegation battle, European Cup, Champions League – there is still a lot at stake for most Bundesliga teams in the last three matchdays. But not for Bayern – they are the champions.

Nevertheless, the record champions don’t want to let themselves down – after all, there are still a few titles to be won. Coach Julian Nagelsmann (34): “We want to finish the season well. And score a few more goals. The best goal difference is a goal. Getting to 100 goals is one too.”

The 101 goal record!

In the 71/72 season Bayern managed 101 goals. Record to this day. Two years ago under Hansi Flick (57), Bayern came very close to the record: In the end there were 100 goals, one missing to set the record. Bayern currently have 92 goals. So you would need an average of three goals in the last three games for the 101. Quite feasible with the super offensive by Lewy, Müller, Sané & Co!

Lewy goal record!

Last season, Robert Lewandowski (33) broke Gerd Müller’s (†75) record, scoring 41 goals. Cracking it again will be very difficult, however, he currently has 33 goals. But: In the top 5 of the best top scorer seasons, Gerd still dominates with 2nd place (40 goals), 3rd place (38) and 4th place (36). Lewy shares 5th place (34) with Dieter Müller (68). A few more Lewy goals – and he can also move forward here.

Lewy will also get his seventh top scorer – and draw level with Gerd!

Best goal record!

That will be the most difficult: Bayern had the best record 12/13 with 98:18 goals, i.e. +80. It is currently +62. Bayern would need three absolute victories for this record. The opponents are Mainz, Augsburg and Wolfsburg.


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