FC Bayern: Sayings from Nagelsmann to Goretzka and Qatar! Serious to Haaland!

When his Bavarians in Dortmund deliver such fireworks in terms of sport, it will be very, very difficult for BVB!

Although Julian Nagelsmann (34) felt more tension than usual before the top game on Saturday (6.30 p.m. / Sky and live ticker at BILD.de), the coach of the table leaders was extremely relaxed at the press conference in Munich on Friday afternoon.

The Bayern coach flared a fireworks display!

Nagelsmann on his Friday schedule: “We’re doing a very, very good final training session. We’re going to increase the tension a little, but don’t want to overdo it. We won’t get on the plane with a knife between our teeth – we are not allowed to do that either, because knives are not allowed on the plane … “

His answer to the attack announcement by BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke (62): “I don’t think BVB will squeeze us for 90 minutes, but certainly not just 90 minutes behind. If I take Aki Watzke’s statements, then it was already with an open visor – we should just come, BVB are in a very good mood. I can promise we’ll come. “

The central question for the starting XI: Can Leon Goretzka (26) play? Nagelsmann first joked: “With Leon it’s 60:50 that he can play with us!”

Leon Goretzka on Friday when he arrived at Säbener Strasse. Is he getting really fit?Photo: Dennis Brosda

What does the ex-Leipzig coach mean by 60:50? It is actually 50:50, but he has more hope that his super six will at least be fit after Joshua Kimmich (26) lost the Corona and Marcel Sabitzer (27) injured his calf.

Nagelsmann more seriously to Goretzka: “But we will decide that today and maybe tomorrow. He did reduced training – both in eleven versus eleven and yesterday in active regeneration, when he ran a few laps. Leon has persistent problems with the patella (tendon on the knee; editor’s note)! It’s a pain issue, how free it is in the head. We’ll talk to him about that and in the end he’ll have to make the decision whether he can play one hundred percent. Only then does it make sense for him to start playing. Otherwise the game is too big for that. I assume that it won’t be canceled. I hope he can play. When he can’t play, Jamal Musiala and Marc Roca are the alternatives. Jamal did very well in training, very confident on the ball and physically also in eleven-on-eleven. I was very happy with that. Even if it’s not his parade position. Of course we would prefer Leon with us. But we have to wait and see. “

Then it got more flippant again: “With Josh, Sabi and possibly also Leon, there are already many sixes who are canceled. But I’ve never been a coach who starts crying about the players who are not there. A player at Bayern Munich should also have the right to play a top game in a 1B position. He should understand that he has a great chance, that he should throw everything in a big game and that he is a Bayern player. “

The next laugh at a bitter topic: Only 15,000 spectators are allowed in Dortmund!

But Nagelsmann also packaged that loosely: “In Dortmund, however, one or the other word comes from the main stand – only that will be similar at 15,000. If there are 65,000 or how many, there are a few more words. It’s not always super pleasant. The mood in Dortmund is always excellent. I don’t know if it would have been a disadvantage if there had been more spectators. It would be nicer if the stadium were sold out, because that would also mean that we would have had Corona better under control. I hope that then 15,000 create a good mood – that’s the incentive and the psychological kick. The 15,000 in Dortmund can also be very, very loud, so that one is encouraged well. “

Need the next line? Nagelsmann on the unrest in the area: “I don’t have the feeling that there was any unrest in the team. I have just read from Lothar Matthäus that Bayern will get back on track. Well, most of the time the team was on track with at least two tires. I can’t remember that we went out, except maybe in Gladbach and Augsburg. There were certainly phases when it was even more restless outside. That is a part of it. I have not planned any therapeutic measures now – at most physiotherapeutic alternating baths and massages. “

Nagelsmann repeatedly answers questions about the unvaccinated stars, corona cases, the Qatar crash and the disaster at the club’s annual general meeting. Because the bosses Oliver Kahn (52) and Herbert Hainer (67) took too little public position for a long time, the trainer became the club’s “foreign minister”. Are the many non-sporting questions annoying him or would he rather talk about Leroy Sané (25)?

Nagelsmann laughing: “Leroy Sané was a bad example – if we count that, Leroy is still in first place …” Background: For weeks, the poor performance of Sané in the past season and the whistles of his own fans at the start of the season were the topic, most recently but also the super games of the offensive star.

After an explanation, the next laugh followed: “I’m relatively relaxed about it. I have no problem giving my opinion. In my coaching career I have also watched Christian Streich’s press conferences again and again and always found it amazing that he always has an opinion and also makes it known – in a heartwarming, sometimes funny, but always very content-oriented way. I also try something similar ! You have to listen to my rustling here all the time. That’s why I try to get rid of a few clever things …. “

But Nagelsmann was very serious about one topic: Erling Haaland (21)!

The Bayern coach explained in a calm and matter-of-fact way how he wanted to stop the force of nature at BVB: “Erling Haaland is a player who is always dangerous – especially in moments when you are on the ball yourself. That is the tricky thing. He has a great ability to move in the gaps and can move again and again in the back of the ball possession player and waits until a ball is lost and switches with his speed. It will be very important that we close the interfaces very quickly with our own possession. That we build a good bond with men before we lose the ball. We had very good actions in the Supercup, where we still defended. There was still too much where he could switch with speed. We definitely have to prevent that. “

Nagelsmann continues: “In the end it is a collective issue how much pressure we have when we lose the ball so that the opponent cannot switch. And how much pressure we put in at the start-up so that the passes that are of great quality at BVB don’t end up at Haaland. It will also be an issue at Dortmund how they defend Lewy. The team that eliminates the top striker better at the opponent increases the chances of winning. “


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