FC Bayern: Rummenigge – “Decisions worth discussing”

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The morning after FC Bayern’s historic triumph, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (66) was a star guest on the show “Die Lage der Liga XXL”. The record champions secured their tenth championship in a row yesterday with a 3-1 win over BVB.

With moderator Carli Underberg and moderator Valentina Maceri, the ex-Bayern boss analyzed the league hit and also spoke about coach Julian Nagelsmann (34), who “only” won the championship in his premiere season in Munich.

Rummenigge: “Basically, he did a top job until December. In the second half of the season, I think there were one or two decisions worth discussing in terms of tactics or things in general. But basically he is a good, interesting coach who will hopefully stay at Bayern for a long time. Because when Bayern had a coach with a certain continuity, those were always successful years.”

And further: “He is a young person who needs his experience as a coach. It’s the first really big club after Hoffenheim and Leipzig, where he’s already done a good job, where the demands are also very high. Sometimes the national title is not enough for FC Bayern. You expect to reach at least the semi-finals in the Champions League. That has now been missed this year with the elimination against Villarreal. Of course that was a disappointment. He’ll have to put that away. He will have to attack again next year. You have to give it time.”

Meanwhile, Rummenigge celebrated the tenth Bayern championship in a row as a fan for the first time. He says: “First of all, I liked that the title could be celebrated again in front of 75,000 spectators. It was a great atmosphere.”

And: “We toasted after the game. I warmly congratulated Oliver Kahn and Herbert Hainer, who are now responsible for the club as chairman and president. It was the first for Oliver Kahn. And the first title, when you’re in charge at this club, is very important. I’ve always said that the Bundesliga title isn’t a consolation prize, it’s actually the most honest title.”

Rummenigge also spoke about …

… the Bayern championship in 2001 and the current lack of excitement in the Bundesliga: “Football is first and foremost about emotions. I will never forget the 2001 title. I can still remember the party afterwards, it was really great. If you look at the table now, there is a lack of excitement at the top. The top needs more emotion and more excitement. The Bundesliga needs that again.”

… the competition from Dortmund and Leipzig: “I think Dortmund is trying to upgrade a bit. You get money in the coffers from the sale of Haaland that you reinvest directly. Especially in the central defense there is a lack of quality. Adeyemi is a good player, but you shouldn’t read too much into him too quickly. The last example was Sancho, they developed him and then sold him to Manchester United.

… his successor Oliver Kahn: “Basically, I have a good, friendly and respectful relationship. Oliver has to give his own path, make his own decisions. And that’s where he’ll make mistakes. You have to hand over the baton at some point. I don’t want to give him constant advice. He will have to make his experiences.”

… the Conference League: “It was founded because it was the wish of the Scandinavian or Eastern European clubs. They wanted to gain new experiences in Europe.”

… the last German clubs Frankfurt and Leipzig in the European competitions: “Unfortunately, there are no German clubs in the Champions League anymore. It would be important for the Bundesliga to set an exclamation mark. Both teams can do it. The opponents they had in the quarterfinals were harder than now the opponents in the semifinals. Just don’t make the mistake of underestimating your opponent.”

… the Champions League semifinals: “I’ve been good friends with Pep Guardiola since we were in Bavaria. The national title is not enough for him. I wish him well. I know how obsessed he is after that title. When he plays against Spanish teams, it’s incredibly important and emotional for him.”


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