FC Bayern: Oliver Kahn: Lewandowski can no longer be taken away!

Oliver Kahn (51) believes in Robert Lewandowski’s (32) mega record!

The world footballer currently has 39 goals this season in the league. Only one goal is missing from Gerd Müller’s (75) record for 40 goals in the 1971/72 season. Bayern board member Kahn (CEO from January 2022) speaks in BILD about the Lewy record, the morale of the master team and the farewell to Hansi Flick (56).

BILD: Mr. Kahn, will Lewandowski break Gerd Müller’s 40-goal record?

Boat: “The way I know Robert, he won’t let it be taken away from him. He mustn’t put himself under too much pressure now, but he knows that himself, he has a lot to experience for that. Personally, I already knew this record as a young guy, Gerd Müller’s fabulous record was an issue again and again. 40 goals in one season – nobody thought this record could ever be broken or broken. If Robert can do that, that will be another incredible record for him. “

BILD: Eight bowls as a player, two ghost championships since you’ve been on the board of FC Bayern. How much real joy is there?

Boat: “I’m always asked if you get used to it? No, you never get used to it. We went to the Uli-Hoeneß-Lounge on Saturday and saw the championship there because Leipzig lost to Dortmund. That was also something very special. You are happy for the players. I’ve often seen it myself and I know what a satisfying feeling it is when you get everything out of 34 game days and end up at the top. There is no substitute for championships. “

BILD: What kind of farewell can Hansi Flick expect?

Boat: “We are already fully in the planning and see how we can give him the best possible farewell. Of course under the general conditions that we have due to Corona.

BILD: Do the fans see the titles? Keyword: championship celebration on Marienplatz.

Boat: “We depend on what is decided. It is a constant adjustment to the current situation. But you shouldn’t be too optimistic about this. “

BILD: Were the last few months the most stressful of your career?

Boat: “I came in January last year and the Corona issue started in March and April. So almost all of my time was shaped by this extremely difficult situation. One is always confronted with the question of when a certain normality will return. You have to keep the mood and motivation high at the same time. So my compliments go out again to the team. That she managed to get this performance despite these general conditions without spectators and without the emotionality of football. I have to say: hats off! “


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