FC Bayern Munich: Olympic fun! Thomas Müller trains javelin throwing

Is there someone training for his Olympic participation after his footballing career?

Thomas Müller (31) caused a big laugh on Säbener Straße on Friday morning. The Bayern star grabbed one of the slalom poles in his individual training and threw the yellow training device a few meters away.

Müller trains javelin throwing!

Show of strength! The stick of javelin throwing “talent” Thomas Müller fliesPhoto: RUIZ

The technology? Certainly still a bit expandable. But the pole flew pretty well and was stuck in the grass.

A world record? Just over … The 98.48 meters of javelin legend Jan Zelezny (55 / Czech Republic) on May 25, 1996 in Jena did not attack Müller. And the second best distance (97.76 meters) of Germany’s gold hope Johannes Vetter (28 / Dresden) is still a long way off for the German national player.

But for Müller a fun change in his early start training!

Because actually the DFB star has EM special leave until Saturday. Like the frequent players Manuel Neuer (35) and Joshua Kimmich (26), he was allowed to take more days off than any other European Championship driver.

Strong in the air: Thomas Müller trained with fitness boss Broich (left) headers on the resistance rope

Strong in the air: Thomas Müller trained with fitness boss Broich (left) headers on the resistance ropePhoto: RUIZ

But: Müller is hot to start with Julian Nagelsmann (34). The vice-captain started with the individual training on Monday. The ball was there for the first time on Thursday. During the unit, Müller grabbed the inside of his right knee a few times. There he sustained a capsule wound at the European Championships.

On Friday there was nothing more to be seen of the problems: With the head of fitness, Prof. Dr. He trained Holger Broich (46) for 45 minutes: headers on the resistance rope, shots at mini-goals and runs through the slalom poles – until Müller used the poles to throw a javelin …


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