FC Bayern Munich: Julian Nagelsmann with a mysterious appearance!

Mysterious statement by Julian Nagelsmann (34)!

After the listless 1: 3 of his Bayern in Mainz, the coach caused a stir with a strange answer.

Asked about the reason for his team’s bloodless and dispassionate performance just a week after winning the tenth championship in a row, Nagelsmann defiantly said: “I have an explanation, but I won’t give it to you!”

When there is another demand on the subject, Nagelsmann remains firm: “I won’t tell you that. I say that internally, also to the team. But not you, that’s not for the media world.”

Obviously on the other hand: Bayern seem sluggish after winning the title and at times downright unmotivated.

► Bayern have only four shots on goal. There have only been so few since data collection began in 1992: in 1995 in Rostock.

► Bayern run eight (!) kilometers less than Mainz.

► Bayern only wins 44 percent of duels – that is a negative record in the current season.

Nagelsmann serves: “You can lose a game like that, but it’s about the way! I think we always need a certain basic passion in the game. We didn’t have that today! We can’t get nine hundred per cent here from the first minute. That just doesn’t work – regardless of the fact that you don’t go to the extreme in every situation.”

As a consequence of the embarrassing appearance, the trainer announces profound changes!

Nagelsmann: “It’s human after the tenth title, but when it seems like we have to do some service and the passion isn’t there anymore, then it’s time we have to change something. And that’s where we are right now.”

And further: “When you win ten championships in a row, there always comes a point when you have to do something differently. It’s the same in every company – every DAX company that wants to be one of the most successful knows it. You shouldn’t miss this point. I’m not a reminder, I just want us to continue on this path successfully and not at some point to say: ‘Shit, now we’ve missed the moment!’”

When asked what changes are involved, Nagelsmann replies mysteriously: “There is an approach, but I won’t reveal that either.”

Before the game, the coach had already indicated that it was not just a matter of personnel, but also of structural things in the club – and how Nagelsmann used the time after winning the title. The coach: “I love that I now have more time for a coffee, to chat with the coaches, to discuss things that affect the medium or long-term future. Then I make a few more lists with things that we want to change in the next season – in terms of content, but also externally! Which you can maybe make a little bit better.”

And further: Then I have a lot of exchanges with Brazzo, with Marco (Neppe, the technical director; ed.). Then I work through a few general topics that you have less time for in everyday league life: I create position profiles for the games, feed them with videos that every player looks at their cell phone if they play in a different position next season can and sees the four or five points in the video that are required in terms of position.

Sounds like a busy summer in Munich…


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