FC Bayern: Because of Russia’s Ukraine war! Lewandowski terminates Huawei contract

Robert Lewandowski (33) once again sends a clear signal against the war in Ukraine!

In Frankfurt (1-0) and later against Leverkusen (1-1), the Bayern star wore the captain’s armband in blue and yellow. Previously, as captain of Poland, he boycotted the World Cup play-off games against Russia. And now he’s giving up a lot of money.

Lewandowski wore a Ukraine armband against Leverkusen after Müller was substituted as captainPhoto: WITTERS

Lewandowski has terminated his personal advertising contract with the mobile phone giant Huawei!

Reason: The Chinese company is supposed to supply the Russian army with technologies. In times of the war of aggression by Russia aggressor Vladimir Putin (69) not acceptable for the Fifa world footballer.

According to the Polish portal “PTV Sport”, Lewy waives five million euros in sponsorship income!

The Chinese are losing one of their most important advertising faces. Lewandowski and his wife Anna (33) had done a lot of advertising for Huawei on Instagram. This is now over because of the Chinese involvement in the Ukraine war.

The super striker meets Bayern with Bayern this Tuesday evening (9 p.m./Amazon Prime Video and live ticker at BILD.de) in the round of 16 second leg against Salzburg (first leg 1-1).

Should Munich advance, Lewy will no longer advertise Huawei with his winning selfie!


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