Fashion: the Basque beret turns heads

For a tourist coming to Béarn from the Tarn, it’s crowning time. Red beret or blue beret, it connects the fittings. “I’ll take them both”, she says to the saleswoman of a beret shop. They were said to be old-fashioned or reserved for elders. Berets are now the height of chic, whether they are classic, adorned with a pompom or adjustable cap. French factories perpetuate their know-how.

The beret is knitted from two spools of thread. After knitting, the boxes are meticulously checked: the employees mend the holes and remove any small impurities. They are then immersed for 8 hours in a sort of washing machine, in water at 70 degrees, to make them shrink.

A Béarn factory has been making these berets since 1840. About fifty employees produce 200,000 berets per year, one third of which is intended for the French army. The company is also specialized in the top of the range: count 80 euros to offer you a luxury beret, against 30 euros for a standard.

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