Faced with falling temperatures, RTE activates its yellow signal in Ile-de-France and Normandy

Anticipating an increase in electricity consumption, the electricity transmission network encourages residents to reduce their consumption, while avoiding any risk of power cuts.

Residents of Ile-de-France and Normandy are encouraged to reduce their electricity consumption. This is the recommendation made by RTE (electricity transmission network) which announced the activation of the yellow signal for these two regions from this Wednesday.

In question, the drop in temperatures which has led to an increase in electricity consumption since Tuesday noon as well as this Wednesday, explains RTE on its website.

This signal, which is issued for information purposes and visible from the monecowatt.fr website, does not predict a power outage. In fact, it intervenes “when the electricity consumption of a region is higher than its historical consumption at the same time”, explains the network ensuring that there is no risk of cuts.

“Adopt eco-gestures”

Residents of Ile-de-France and Normandy are nevertheless invited to “to be responsible” and to “adopt eco-friendly gestures” such as lowering the temperature of their homes in the event of absence during the day, shifting the use of household appliances outside periods of high consumption, or even completely switching off appliances on standby.

reflexes that “can have a real impact”, argues RTE. Thus, it is possible to save “about the consumption of a city like Toulouse”, i.e. 600 MW, “if all French people turn off a light bulb”.


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