EuroMillions: a Frenchman won the jackpot of 162 million euros

This victory comes after eleven consecutive draws without a winner.

A new Frenchman has become a millionaire. This is what we learned from the EuroMillions draw on Thursday evening, which involved more than 163 million euros. He thus became the fifth biggest winner in the country.

The sum was therefore won by a lucky chosen one who played his grid in France, finding the five winning numbers (the 1, the 20, the 41, the 42, the 50) and the two stars (the 3 and the 7). , needed to win the jackpot. He has 60 days to come forward.

Eleven draws without a winner

This victory comes after eleven consecutive EuroMillions draws without a winner for this historic jackpot. Tuesday, November 23, no one had indeed won the 145 million euros at stake, brought to 163 million this Friday. If the winner has pocketed (only) 162,289,050 euros, it is because he must share a minimal share of the sum with 12 other winners who have won from 4.60 euros to more than 150,000 euros.

The barely millionaire will now be supported by the winner of the French games department in order to better understand his new life. How to tell your loved ones, how to invest this money … questions that are sometimes difficult to answer for the winners.

A large number of winners in France

He is not the only one to have won the jackpot in France which is, along with the United Kingdom, the country where most of the lucky ones are found. Between 2004 and 2020, they were 107 for France and 108 for the British, followed by Spain with 103 winning tickets. But it was in Tahiti that the biggest win in the history of the European lottery was won on October 15 by a young Polynesian who pocketed 220 million euros.


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