Euro 2021: Why Alaba Arnautovic wanted to shut up

It was THE scene in Austria’s first ever European Championship victory: After scoring the 3-1 final score against North Macedonia, striker Marko Arnautovic (32) rioted in the direction of opposing fans and players.

Until David Alaba (28) stopped him. The new professional from Real Madrid grabbed his teammate by the chin, rammed his finger in the cheek – and thus silenced him.

But what’s behind that?

Anger against coach Franco Foda (55) because he let him stew on the bench until the 59th minute? Was it a special greeting to some fans?

In Serbia they are sure to have deciphered the words of Arnautovic, who is of Serbian origin. According to the newspaper “Informer”, the striker shouted towards Ezgjan Alioski (29): “I *** e your mother”, combined with mobbing against Albanians. Alioski is of Albanian descent.

The two know each other from a time together in England, although they have never played in the same club – the Austrian, who plays in Shanghai today, was under contract with Stoke and West Ham, the North Macedonian has been with Leeds since 2017.

If one believes the North Macedonian media, they have since been linked by an aversion.

In any case, Arnautovic was never at a loss for sayings. His saying to an Austrian police officer in 2012 will not be forgotten: “I earn so much, I can buy your life.”

Incidentally, David Alaba didn’t want to make a big number out of the number after the final whistle: “You could see what kind of character he is. I perceived him positively. “

In North Macedonia you see it a little differently. Arnautovic’s behavior was “shameful”, it said in a newspaper comment.

The Austrian association now fears a fine or even a ban on the part of Uefa.


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