Essen: Ex-Schalke professional in court for insurance fraud

From: M. Engelberg and A. WEGENER

Eat – The ex-Schalke professional is said to have faked his own death so that his wife can get 1.2 million euros from life insurance. The start of the trial against Hiannick K. (35)!

The fraud trial against the former professional kicker from Marl began on Monday in front of the Essen regional court. K., a native of the Congo, is said to have pretended to be killed in a car accident in his old home in Kinshasa at the beginning of 2016.

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Hiannick K. (34) played with Manuel Neuer and Benedikt Höwedes among others in the Schalke A-Jugend

Photo: Bongarts / Getty Images

According to the indictment, he and his wife Kristina G. (41) had taken out life insurance for 1.2 million euros just a few months earlier. The sum is said to have been paid to G. at the end of 2016. The 41-year-old is also on trial for fraud.

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Co-accused: Kristina G., the wife of the ex-kicker

Photo: David Young

While she stated through her defense attorney that she had never “behaved in a criminally relevant manner”, Hiannick K. does not want to give any information in court.

At the beginning of May 2020, BILD reported on this mysterious case for the first time. In 2004, K. was playing alongside Neuer and Benedikt Höwedes (33 / end of career) in Schalke’s A-youth. Kristina G. claimed in 2016 that her husband was killed in the traffic accident.

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Discovered! In 2019, BILD K. met on his doorstep in Marl

Photo: Andreas Wegener

Problem: In 2018, K. initially reappeared surprisingly at the German embassy in Kinshasa, and in 2020 also in the Ruhr area, where he last worked as a chemical technician in Marl and lived in a furnished apartment.

► In an initial investigation against the woman, K. had stated, among other things, that he had been abducted on a trip to the Congo in 2016. The spouses (have a 15-year-old son) protested at the time that they had no contact.

Now the trial against the ex-Schalke and his wife. If the couple are convicted of insurance fraud in the millions, they face imprisonment sentences of up to ten years.


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