Erling Haaland: Fans laugh at the wooden statue of the BVB star

It was already known that Erling Haaland (21) can be a force of nature on the field. In his Norwegian hometown of Bryne, however, a wooden Haaland is now being made – over 3 meters tall and weighing 700 kilos!

A man like a tree – and not just literally. Because: The Haaland sculpture is “carved” from a tree trunk by artist Kjetil Barane. But with a chainsaw. Barane: “It’s a great honor for me, but also very difficult to be able to replicate him.”

The wooden statue isn’t quite finished yet, but it’s already causing a stir – and in the social networks also for ridicule and malice from some fans. They are already comparing the sculpture with the bust of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in Madeira, Portugal, which has become famous as a failure.

The bronze bust of Cristiano Ronaldo at Madeira AirportPhoto: dpa

Barane is not impressed by this: “So far it’s only a rough idea of ​​how it should look in the end.” In order to make the sculpture look as realistic as possible, Barane has already made several different versions of the Haaland face. The best one should ultimately be used for the XXL statue.

This should be finalized in the summer. Then also with the corresponding colors of his club for the next season. That’s why Barane has to wait until Haaland’s transfer decision has been made.


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