Energy boom: the regulator strengthens its market surveillance

CRE specifies that it “will systematically open investigations in the event of suspected market abuse”.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) said Thursday that it was strengthening its surveillance of energy markets to avoid any abuse, at a time when gas and electricity prices are rising sharply. “CRE is strengthening its controls on wholesale markets, by concentrating its human and technical resources on the monitoring of transactions and the behavior of actors», Announces the regulator in a press release.

The commission specifies that it “systematically open investigations in the event of suspected market abuse, which could lead to financial sanctions“. “CRE’s wholesale electricity and gas market surveillance mission is essential: it aims to guarantee the efficiency and transparency of the markets, so that they reveal fair prices reflecting the balance between the supply and demand», She recalls.

This statement comes as prices on the energy markets have experienced significant increases in recent months. Gas prices, dragging electricity prices in their wake, were supported by a series of factors: low European storage, strong global economic recovery, difficulty for Norway and Russia to increase their deliveries … the consequences of this outbreak on the markets for individuals, the government announced at the end of September “a tariff shield»With the blocking of the regulated gas tariff until April and the limitation of the increase in electricity.

By April, through this price smoothing system, distributors will have to sell gas to consumers at a lower price than market prices. Then from the spring, it would be up to consumers to pay a little more for gas than market prices, so that the sums paid in addition during the winter by the operators are recovered.


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