End of the winter break: the resumption of tenant evictions will be “phased”

Housing Minister Emmanuelle Wargon returned to The Parisian on the overhaul of the management of the winter break.

It will have been extended by two months due to the health crisis. The winter break, which normally comes to an end on March 31, will end on Tuesday, June 1. From this date, rental evictions may resume in France. And with the health and economic crisis, more than 30,000 low-income households are potentially affected.

Priority evictions

A circular of April 26, consulted by The Parisian , details the modalities of these expulsions. Concretely, the text calls on the prefects to “reduce the number of law enforcement competition files accumulated in 2020 to be executed at the end of the truce“, at “reschedule»Their execution over two years until 2022, and, above all, to limit the influx of new cases through a reinforced prevention policy. “We are in the process of completely overhauling the management of the end of the winter break with a resumption of evictions in a phased, prioritized manner, by offering rehousing, or at least accommodation, to those evicted.», Maintained, also with the Parisian, Minister of Housing Emmanuelle Wargon.

The circular lists the cases to be handled as a priority. In the first place, there will be the evictions of occupants from places held by the most troubled donors. Thus “small individual landlords who depend on their rent for their income“. The text also considers as a priority the eviction of tenants “seriously damaging their material and / or human environment“As well as that of”people who have not resumed paying their rent even though they objectively have the budgetary capacity to do so “.

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37 million euros

Secondly, the prefects are called upon to carry out the oldest evictions and the highest rental debts. The stake: “éavoid the precariousness of tenants as well as that of their landlords. ” The balance is difficult to find. But for Emmanuelle Wargon, despite the heavy economic fallout from the health crisis, “there can be no white year in terms of expulsions, nor a moratorium“. New guarantees will also be provided to victims of unpaid debts. An aid fund, dedicated to owners whose tenants are not evicted, will be endowed with an additional 10 million euros in July, to reach 37 million euros. With the possibility of replenishing this fund even more over the year, if the need arises.

At the same time, the Minister of Housing confirms the extension by ten months of the 43,000 temporary accommodation places made available to the homeless since March 2020. These measures, although commendable, remain insufficient according to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, which will have worked, without success, for the extension of the winter break. The Foundation asks, in a press release, “dignified and sustainable rehousing of all households“, Refusing that it depends”the capacities of each territory.“”Evicting without a solution or offering temporary solutions is neither acceptable nor satisfactory for the households concerned, moreover in a context of saturation of the emergency accommodation sector.She continues.


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