End of the health pass, wearing a mask… What changes Monday, March 14

After several weeks of relief, the day of March 14 marks the lifting of most health restrictions aimed at combating the Covid-19 epidemic. In particular, it becomes possible to finally drop the mask in all closed places except in public transport (metro, train, plane).

► “Suspension of the vaccination pass”

From today, it is no longer necessary to show your vaccination pass before entering public places where it was previously compulsory (bars, restaurants, museums, cinemas, nightclubs, etc.).

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The health pass remains required in hospitals, nursing homes or “ even establishments welcoming people with disabilities who are particularly fragile”, Prime Minister Jean Castex said on March 3 on TF1. The head of government had been cautious, specifying that the vaccination pass was only “suspended” and that it could be reactivated in the event of a resumption of the epidemic.

► Return of “normal business rules”

The Minister of Labor, Élisabeth Borne, also announced on Tuesday March 8 that March 14 would be the day of return “normal business rules”. A “benchmark guide”, given to the social partners, now replaces the health protocol. It aims to provide for measures of “Prevention of the risks of contamination with Covid-19”and in particular encourages the maintenance of hygiene rules (hand washing, ventilation, distancing).

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If wearing a mask is no longer compulsory in the office, employees who prefer to keep it on their nose are authorized to do so. “without the employer being able to oppose it”, reminded the minister. Conversely, an employer can decide to maintain the obligation to wear the mask if he considers it necessary.

“The employer is bound by an obligation of result concerning the physical and mental health of his employees, recalls Me Éric Rocheblave, lawyer specializing in labor law. It therefore does not seem insane to me that, given the current context or given the nature of the job, he could decide to maintain the mask as a precautionary measure. »

► Easing of the protocol in schools

At school, too, students will rediscover the pleasure of taking a course or going to the canteen without a mask on their nose. It was already no longer rigorous in the playgrounds since the return from the winter holidays. Those who wish, including teachers, can nevertheless continue to wear it.

Pupils are again allowed to practice physical activities and sports, including contact sports, indoors, and the strict limitation of mixing between groups of pupils is no longer required.

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While the number of Covid-19 contaminations continues to climb in France, the new protocol for the educational world calls for vigilance. He generally recommends “initially and as far as possible, to limit excessive mixing between groups, classes and levels, especially during recreation and restoration times”.

The ministry also recalls that from college, the return to class of a student contact case “unvaccinated” Where with “an incomplete vaccination schedule”, remains conditioned to “obtaining a negative antigen or PCR test result” carried out after a quarantine period of seven days.


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