End of free tests, third dose … What to remember from the executive’s announcements

Among the new measures listed on Wednesday, a recall campaign will be carried out at the start of the school year for a third dose, intended for the most vulnerable people.

It is a question of toughening the tone vis-a-vis a health situation which “worsens“. After a defense council and a council of ministers chaired by Emmanuel Macron from Fort Brégançon on Wednesday, the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, spoke on the evolution of the epidemic. “After weeks of exponential rise, the number of contaminations is now on the wrong foot“, He declared, stressing the absence of”decline of the epidemic“. In this context, the executive announced the tightening of certain measures.

  • Strengthening border controls

For “block as much as possible the access of the virus to our country“, controls, “already particularly firm“, Should be in the coming days”even more drastic“. To do this, “100% of travelers coming from countries at risk will now be checked by antigenic tests», Announced Gabriel Attal.

  • The health pass required in large shopping centers

In the territories where “the incidence rate exceeds 200», And in shopping centers and department stores of more than 20,000 m², the prefects will now be instructed to introduce the compulsory health pass.

  • The indoor return mask in some cases

In these same areas where the incidence rate is greater than 200, it will also be “re-establish the wearing of the mask indoors in areas subject to the sanitary pass“. Until then, the decision rested with the prefects and managers of establishments. The places potentially concerned should be cinemas, restaurants or even nightclubs.

  • End of free tests without prescription “mid-October”

The announcement was made by Emmanuel Macron during his last speech. The government spokesperson confirmed that the executive would end “free tests outside of medical prescription“. The measure is expected to enter into force at “mid-October“. “Testing does not protect. Repeat tests do not prevent going to the hospital», Hammered Gabriel Attal.

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  • “Vaccination at the corner of every street”

Vaccination becoming “Standard“, The executive will also ensure that vaccination offers are available”at the corner of every street“. They will be present in particular “near shopping centers” as well as “educational institutions“. This new stage will begin “from the start of the school year“To pursue the strategy”to go to“.

  • A “booster campaign” for a third dose from mid-September

According to a list of the populations concerned established by the Haute Autorité de Santé, a “high-risk vaccination booster campaign“Will begin”in mid-September“. Appointments should be available by the end of August or the beginning of the following month.

  • New measures overseas

The situation overseas is “dramatic», According to Gabriel Attal. Faced with an epidemic of “exceptional gravity»In the West Indies, the strict confinement and curfew imposed in Martinique will be extended to Guadeloupe. “If the situation is so serious in the West Indies, and that we keep in France, it is because the vaccination is very low there.“, Insisted the spokesperson.

With regard to French Polynesia, the Council of Ministers adopted a decree declaring a state of health emergency. It will take effect on August 12 at midnight.


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