EM 2021: Matthäus & Scholl demand: Jogi Löw has to rebuild the team!

“As someone who loves playing offensive football, I hope that we will play more against Portugal!” Ilkay Gündogan (30) after the 0-1 defeat against France

The midfield boss of Manchester City wants more offensive for the preliminary group game against Portugal (Saturday, 6 p.m., ARD).

Our 1996 European champion Mehmet Scholl (50) and 1990 world champion Lothar Matthäus (60) are now calling for the system change. Away from the unpopular chain of three, towards the Bayern system with a chain of four!

Rebuild, Jogi!

Sky expert Matthäus zu BILD: “Jogi Löw should bet on the Bayern system against Portugal.” Scholl in the BILD program “Now comes Scholl”: “I need a block in the center. What has proven itself? Kimmich, Goretzka! “

The problem: Goretzka is still not in the game rhythm after his injury, which is a risk for the preliminary group game against Ronaldo & Co. Matthäus: “That is why I would prefer Gündogan to Kroos because he is the more offensive.”

Scholl prefers Kroos: “I’m not a big fan of Gündogan, that’s not my player. It’s not fish and not meat. ”Both European champions agree on one point: Joshua Kimmich has to go back to his traditional Bayern position at headquarters!

Matthäus: “Kimmich should go back to the six. I missed the galling that a pogba or a kante showed in France in our center. I only see Kimmich, who can set accents in this position with his aggressiveness. “

Lothar Matthäus (l.) And Mehmet Scholl at the EM 2000 after the defeat against EnglandPhoto: picture-alliance / dpa

In the Bayern system, Müller can shine again in his parade role behind the tips. Like Serge Gnabry (25) and Kai Havertz (22), the man from Munich hung in the air in the Jogi system. All BILD grade 4.

For an additional midfielder to liven up the offensive, Jogi has to sacrifice one of his five defensives.

Scholl: “If you have players who are more suitable for the back four – then you play back four.” This is also how Matthäus sees it: “Since Portugal only plays Ronaldo with one point, I would now bet on a back four. Hummels and Rüdiger inside, Ginter on the right, Halstenberg on the left. With that you win a player in midfield. “

And what does the national coach say about making his system more offensive?

Löw: “Instead of four defenders, we only had three, with Kroos and Gündogan two more attacking midfielders. With Havertz, Müller and Gnabry again three offensive, which act from the center. So we had enough offensive forces on the pitch. “

The experts see it differently. Jogi, rebuild – so that we can make it to the round of 16 safely!

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