EM 2021 – England’s Harry Kane: “We’re not done yet”

Harry Kane (27) stuck to this ritual yesterday evening before the European Championship final against Italy: Before he went to bed, he drank a glass of milk with two pieces of sugar.

This is used to calm down and promote a relaxed sleep. At least that’s what Kane thinks. The feeling of being in the best of shape is more important to him than ever before: With England, the superstar (market value: 120 million) is playing the most important game of his career today.

For the first time in 55 years, the “Three Lions” are back in a final. The long period of suffering should end today. Kane is the bearer of hope. “Captain Fantastic” he is respectfully called on the island.

“Harry Kane is excellent. He can shoot England to the title, ”says Sir Geoff Hurst (79). The former West Ham United star became a hero in 1966 after leading his country to their only title with a three-pack against Germany (4-2 a.s.) at the home World Cup.

Kane should imitate Hurst and shoot England to their first European Championship triumph. Back in the heart of English football. At Wembley.

Kane knows about the importance of this game: “We’re not done yet.” It would be his first ever professional title: “This is the biggest game of my career so far, probably the biggest game of all our careers.”

His started with a casting. His discoverer David Bricknell (57) on BILD am SONNTAG: “The Ridgeway Rovers were looking for offspring, 30 children responded to our ad. One of the tots was Harry. He stood right in the gate because he thought it was good. “

But: “We also let it storm. And he was definitely the best. ”Kane was six years old and today – thanks in part to Bricknell’s decision – is not a goalkeeper, but England’s hope for the European Championship by storm.

In 2014, the son of an Irish father made his breakthrough at Tottenham, and in 2015 Kane made his debut in the national team. He was the top scorer three times in the Premier League, with six goals also at the 2018 World Cup. But neither with Tottenham nor with England it worked with a title.

Besides the lawn, Kane works differently. He is not a restless driver, but rather a calm haven, a family man. Father of two daughters – Ivy is four, Vivienne two years old – and son Louis (six months). He met his wife Kate (28) as a child. At the age of 14 it sparked between the two – he had his first kiss with her. They have been a couple since 2011 and have been married since 2019.

Faithful Kane – he walks through fire for his country and his family.

At home, his wife, who is a trained fitness trainer, wears her pants. Should the superstar lose his grip on the ground due to the fame and hustle and bustle, Kate intervenes immediately: “She brings me back to the ground. When I do a hat trick, Kate says, ‘Well done, you can make me a cup of tea when you get home.’ “

Kane is not your typical ostentatious professional who flaunts his wealth. Although his fortune is estimated at over 50 million pounds, there are no pictures of him with a gold steak or a diamond watch.

Still, he lives luxuriously. He owns a penthouse in London and a large estate in Essex. “I feel grounded there,” says Kane, who also likes to switch off from football when playing golf (handicap under 4) or taking long walks with his two Labrador dogs. England’s superstar will be able to enjoy this again from next week.

Possibly as a European champion.


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