Electric vehicles: is there a future for retrofitting?

INVESTIGATION – The practice of electrifying old combustion-powered cars could experience strong development over the next few years, particularly in the utility segment.

The future of the automotive industry is electric“, Recently asserted Joe Biden in Detroit. Manufacturers are betting on this new model and prospective studies say prices should drop quickly. Despite everything, the existing car fleet is made up of tens of millions of cars equipped with heat engines. Some start-ups therefore offer an alternative solution: the “retrofit”, a service which allows thermal vehicles to be transformed into 100% electric.

The practice is not new. Small businesses have been offering this service for many years. Customers are mostly collectors who, in an elegant mix, want to combine vintage with electric, and run their old 2CV quietly. But today, if the retrofit still appeals to its quartet of passionate collectors, the service is dusted off and start-ups have other ambitions. Taking advantage of the evolution of the framework

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