Eintracht Frankfurt: Timothy Chandlers wept when he said goodbye to David Abraham

A long, exhausting season is over. Now Timothy Chandler (31) goes underground for the first time, flies to Spain with his wife Nina and daughter Haley. Before that, Frankfurt’s defender gave an interview.

BILD: Perhaps you had the last chance in your career to play with Eintracht in the Champions League. How sad are you that this dream has broken?

Chandler: “After the Schalke game, I realized for the first time that we had screwed it up, and that really, really hurt. This is my club, I really wanted to achieve this goal with unity. It would have been something unique. But we will set ourselves new goals. Let’s see what adventures await us in the coming season. “

BILD: Some of the stars will go and probably play the Champions League with the new club. Do you feel a little let down by them?

Chandler: “No! I understand them, I am not angry with anyone. For me it is important to see the big picture. What we have achieved in the past few years is unbelievable. Champions League would have been on top. But hey, next year is the Euro League, I don’t think that’s so bad for Eintracht. I’m really looking forward to it and I know that the fans will be happy with some distance too. A lot of adventures await us again, which we will hopefully share with the fans. “

BILD: Coach Hütter said the team often played beyond their means. Is that correct?

Chandler: “Difficult to say … We have the quality, otherwise we wouldn’t have brought it to the pitch for weeks. But it is also clear that we cannot design all games this way. There is still an opponent there, and if he goes deep, we have a hard time. We can’t play that well there. “

We don’t need anyone to play king

BILD: In 2018, the situation with the departure of coach Kovac was similar. Nevertheless, the cup victory succeeded in the end. Also because Kevin-Prince Boateng took on responsibility and provided the necessary impetus. Has someone like that been missing this time?

Chandler: “I don’t think so, and it’s too easy for me, too. We have a great team, so we don’t need anyone to speak for us. With us, the team speaks. We have many players who give impulses, so we don’t need THE one who stands up and plays the king. Everyone knows when and how to say something. We definitely didn’t miss that this season. “

BILD: What school grade would you give the season?

Chandler: “Grades are always difficult for me, I always rated myself better than the teachers at school (laughs). Let me put it this way: There is no such thing as perfect, you can always work on yourself and improve. “

BILD: What moment will you always associate this season with?

Chandler ponders: “With the departure of David (Abraham / d. Red.). I have experienced so much with him in the past few years, we both shaped each other and had very, very much contact. When he said goodbye after the Schalke game in January, I cried. I will definitely always remember this day. “

BILD: What is actually worse for you: watching helplessly on the bench or drowning in the square like in Schalke?

Chandler: “If we go down, I’ll go down with us. It doesn’t matter whether I’m standing on the square or sitting on the bench. Defeat always hurts, it doesn’t matter whether I play or not. “

BILD: It was an extremely long year with almost no vacation and made more difficult by Corona. How glad are you that it’s over?

Chandler: “Very. It was really difficult this season, it was a brutally long year, especially for the head. It was also really difficult for me, who can take a lot. Everyone has now earned their vacation. “

BILD: Are you still following the transfer process?

Chandler: “Of course I’ll check what’s going on, but by no means check every day who is coming or going. I know I’ll definitely be here next year. Newcomers will then get to know me (laughs). “


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