Eintracht – Fenerbahçe: spectacular return of world champion Mesut Özil in Frankfurt

Return to Germany, gift accepted …

Mesut Özil (32) presents himself for the first time since the inglorious DFB-Aus 2018 on the German football stage and can celebrate a goal at Fenerbahçes 1: 1 in Frankfurt.

10th minute: The Eintracht defense disastrous. Keeper Trapp tries to save, but Özil is there to make it 1-0. When cheering, he still says “Oh no” – suspected offside, but the hit counts after VAR check.

An important goal for Özil, because so far things have not gone smoothly for him at Fener: In January the attacking midfielder moved from London to Istanbul and since then he has only scored one goal in 16 games. Against Eintracht his second hit.

The reception of the 25,000 fans in Frankfurt for the 2014 world champion was calm. When his name was mentioned on the line-up before the game, it was a little louder in the stadium. There were no whistles at the gate. The only upsetting: objects fly off one corner. Özil takes it calmly, sends a kiss towards the grandstand (49th).

Eintracht countered to compensate: After Kostic preparatory work, Atalanta loaned Sam Lammers (41.) meets. His first goal for Frankfurt. And the Dutchman almost made it 2-1 (60th), but the flag was up …

Curious: Coach Oliver Glasner (47) sat a strolling penalty from Uefa. His team came out of the break three times too late in Europe, so the coach was not allowed to take a seat on the bench. Michael Angerschmid (47) stood on the line for him. Glasner watched the game in a box and had to tremble at the end.

Penalty vortex and pack formation

90th minute: Trapp owes a penalty, then he defuses Pelkas’ shot. Berisha’s margin is in, but the goal doesn’t count. The goalscorer ran in too quickly. In stoppage time it got really heated and packs formed.


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