Eberl spares Gladbach stars: Despite Corona, no new salary waiver

The numbers sound tough – and they are!

Gladbach managing director Stephan Schippers (54) put the financial consequences of the Corona crisis for Gladbach at a fat minus of around 36 million euros. But the VfL professionals can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being. You will be spared the consequences for now.

Even if the fans are left out until the end of the season and there is still a lack of two million euros in income per game, manager Max Eberl (44) does not want to talk about another wage waiver!

Eberl, when asked by BILD: “That’s not an issue now. The team approached us very spontaneously during the first lockdown in March and was aware of the situation. The players immediately offered the club to waive part of their salary for four months so that Borussia employees can keep their jobs. We were very, very grateful for that. Then we managed to move into the Champions League and act accordingly on the transfer market – and not buy a player. “

But the issue of waiver of wages is on resubmission – even if next season no fans are allowed or games are even completely canceled.

The manager: “If something extraordinary happens in the next few months and there is another complete stop, then I know that we can talk to the team again.”


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