Dynamo Dresden: Königsdörffer waives vacation for the 2nd division

He skipped the vacation completely! Dynamo whiz kid Ransford Königsdörffer (19) toiled through the summer break in order to quickly get fit for the 2nd division after his knee surgery …

Because the so successful third division season ended for the German-Ghanaians at 1-0 in Wiesbaden with a meniscus and capsule injury.

Königsdörffer explains: “Actually, after that I would have flown to Malle with the team, and later with friends on vacation to Ibiza. But I couldn’t do that anymore and unfortunately both of them didn’t work. “

Without further ado, the youngster rescheduled! “I had an operation in Cologne, then I stayed in a hotel nearby in Kempen for two weeks and trained there daily with physiotherapy,” reveals Königsdörffer.

Mario Greuel (r.) Looked after Königsdörffer in his therapy center in Kempen (North Rhine-Westphalia)Photo: private

No break for the dream of the 2nd division!

The reconstruction took place. First he got lymphatic drainage, so very gentle massages so that the fluid drains from the knee.

The kicker: “After three to four days I was able to walk again without crutches. In the beginning it was just upper body training, then leg strength as well. Finally, we tried to improve the flexion in the knee and added weights in the end. “

“Ransi” pulled out the rehab so tightly that he even got vacation memories.

“Ralf Becker and Kristian Walter wrote to me that I could take a day off,” he reports. “But I had enough time to chill out in the hotel, was alone a lot, and could clear my head. Besides, my friends were gone anyway and I wanted to be with the team as soon as possible. ”

Rehabilitation as a substitute for vacation - Königsdörffer's consultant put me in touch with physiotherapy in Kempen

Rehabilitation as a substitute for vacation – Königsdörffer’s consultant put me in touch with physiotherapy in KempenPhoto: private

With success! In two weeks, Königsdörffer can start team training and apply for his new, old position. Under new coach Alexander Schmidt (52), he is planned to be in the storm again instead of as a right-back because of his speed when starting up.

The young professional grins: “It’s good that we’re pressing so much up front. We don’t have to chase after that much. Instead of long sprints like on the side, the attack is about taking tricks and conquering balls. “

Compared to the previous year, the expectations of the young man are higher. How does he deal with it?

“I’m not as excited as I used to be, now I know a little about professional football. This is important. That’s why I can handle it even better. And last year we also had pressure: I wanted to play and we would be promoted. “

Does he trust himself to have similar numbers as the seven goals and four assists in league three? “Yes, I think that I can also perform well in the second division.”

Toi, toi, toi, Ransi!


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