Duong Mi is afraid of love

Actress Duong Mich said that she both hopes for love and is afraid of trouble and fatigue if dating.

On the magazine Cosmopolitan In the April issue, the 36-year-old beauty said that like many other women, she strives for her career, work alone takes up all her time and energy. “For example, today’s work has not been done, when I go home, I have not put on a skin mask, I have not finished cleaning my room, I still have to worry about washing my hair and makeup to go on a date. So tired, I just need to take a shower and sleep,” Duong Mich said. .

Duong Mich at the event in February. Photo: Yang Mi Studio

Therefore, the actor is both waiting for a beautiful love but also afraid of trouble. Experiencing a marriage, she currently does not hope to fall in love passionately, just wants to meet a sincere person who makes her happy and peaceful.

The beauty said that she was strong and strong enough, without looking for a man to lean on. “Only yourself can bring a sense of security to yourself. You will take risks if you look for safety in others. Because if people leave, what will happen to you?”, Duong Mi said.

The beauty of Duong Mich is 36 years old

The beauty of Duong Mich is 36 years old. Video: Yang Mi Studio

In the last interview last year, the actress said she prioritized work. For her, love is not so important. The beauty has been single since announcing her divorce from actor Luu Khai Uy in 2018. In 2019, Duong Mich was rumored to love Wei Dai Huan – an actor three years younger than her – but both did not respond. At the end of last year, many entertainment bloggers revealed that Duong Mich – Wei Dai Huan broke up.

Yang Mi was born in 1986 in Beijing, China, graduated from the Performance Department at Beijing Film Academy. She has been noticed since 2006 with the role of Guo Xiang in God Condor. In 2009, Yang Mi was chosen as one of the four small flowers of the Chinese screen. In 2011, the beauty caused a fever with the movie The Palace of Pearls. She also left her mark on Three births, three worlds, ten years of peach blossom, Queen Phu Dao

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