Duc Tien welcomes his daughter’s second birthday

AmericaBe Meo – the daughter of model Duc Tien and Miss Binh Phuong – showed off her lovely look at her two-year-old birthday party.

Cat’s birthday (real name Madison Hoang) is on 7/7, but Duc Tien’s family holds a party this weekend to gather relatives, friends and colleagues. Many artists such as Trizzie Phuong Trinh, Huong Lan, Thanh Thao, Ngoc Huyen, Hoai Tam… attended and gave gifts to congratulate the baby on turning a new age.

The lovely look of Madison Hoang in the past two years.

Duc Tien and his wife – Miss Binh Phuong – decorated the party space with the main pink color, many balloons, candles and cakes. Only two years old, but the cat is commented boldly in front of the camera, likes to talk to strangers. Duc Tien said: “I’m older than my peers, I have to wear four-year-old clothes.”

Singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh (second right) and her children attended the cat's birthday party.

Singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh (second right) and her children attended the Cat’s birthday party.

Duc Tien is happy to hear that many people praise his son for having beautiful eyes and a wrinkled smile like his father. Babies like to eat avocado, fruit, drink milk, play with water, or imitate actions such as combing hair, cleaning the house…

Baby Cat wears a princess dress at her two-year-old birthday party.

Baby Cat wears a princess dress at her two-year-old birthday party.

Duc Tien said that on days when he doesn’t run shows, he spends all his time with his children. Father and son will go to the market, cook, draw, paint, assemble toys, go to church… The artist said: “Every time I come home, the baby clings to me and doesn’t leave. The cat plays with me more and more. mother, father and son stick together like sam. Watching the child grow up every day, I am happy.”

Duc Tien and his wife at their daughter's birthday party, July 1.

Duc Tien and his wife at their daughter’s birthday party, July 1.

Duc Tien and his wife often tell each other to arrange work and spend more time with their children because the baby begins to grow old and is curious about many things. In the morning, he took his children to school, in the afternoon his wife picked them up. In the evening, the whole family usually gathers around the dinner table. At the weekend, the family will go away to let the baby explore more of the world.

The artist and his wife said that the appearance of the cat was a priceless gift, a new turning point in their lives. At birth, his wife was stressed, from a calm person, the beauty became hot-tempered, or irritable. Duc Tien understands the sacrifice and hard work of his partner, so he should be more patient and thoughtful. He said that when the cat is stronger, maybe next year he will bring him back to the country to visit his grandparents and relatives, so that he can feel a part of his hometown and roots.

Duc Tien was born in 1980, once famous in the modeling village in the 2000s, entered the top 10 Vietnamese supermodels in 2002, won the Model star gold cup in Korea in 2010, as well as acted in many TV series. His wife – Binh Phuong – is Miss Ao Dai Dallas. They welcomed their first daughter in early July 2020, after 10 years of marriage.

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