Dubai: Briton sentenced to 25 years in prison for carrying CBD oil

The myth of the liberal Dubai gets further VERY deep cracks!

A British football coach has now been sentenced to 25 years in prison in the desert metropolis. The reason for the tough sentence: Billy Hood (24) had four tiny bottles, each with 5 milliliters of harmless cannabis oil for e-cigarettes.

In Great Britain, the so-called CBD oil – just like in Germany – is not considered a drug. Because it only contains microscopic amounts of the intoxicating active ingredient THC. But Dubai’s prosecutors showed no mercy!

CBD oil is made from cannabis but does not contain intoxicating THC. It is taken or steamed to relax or relieve pain, among other things. It is available over the counter in the UK and GermanyPhoto: REUTERS

The police had already acted rigorously when Hood was arrested. According to British media reports, the Kripo asked him to sign a false confession in Arabic. The British resident in Dubai refused – and was then locked in a holding cell.

According to Hood’s legal team, the chief police officer allegedly threatened, “If you don’t sign, you will never leave the criminal investigation department.”

After four days in the cell, the Londoner gave in to the pressure – and signed the confession, which also accused him of dealing in the alleged drugs. Still, he has not been released since then.

Hood didn’t do drugs

In fact, the cannabis oil and the e-cigarette found belonged to an English friend of Hood’s. He had visited him in Dubai a few weeks earlier and had forgotten the CBD oil in the car, the imprisoned Briton said when he was arrested. Because he is a strict non-smoker.

Hood: “One of the main reasons I moved to the United Arab Emirates was to continue my coaching career. I’ve spent more than six years collecting my coaching certificates and I would never let something like drugs ruin anything. “

He gave children soccer training six to seven days a week in Dubai – sport was his life. He used to play semi-professionally himself for the London club Kensington & Ealing Borough.

His mother Breda Hood (55) is convinced: “He has never had anything to do with drugs, never.” The drug test carried out by the Dubai investigators was also negative.

The judgment hits the family hard. “I can’t talk about it without tears welling up in my eyes. It’s too difficult to deal with that, ”Mother Hood told the British“ Sun ”.

The relatives of the kicker now want to appeal the judgment. They get help from the organization “Detained in Dubai”, which supports prisoners from the West. The British Foreign Office also promised its assistance.

In addition, the family collects money for further legal costs through a donation page. Of the £ 20,000 required, more than 11,000 have already been collected.


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