DTM presenter Andrea Kaiser tests the fastest electric car in the world

1200 hp, in 6.5 seconds to 200 km / h: DTM presenter Andrea Kaiser tested the fastest electric car in the world for BILD on Sunday.

Do you know that tickling in your stomach when you go down the first mountain on the roller coaster? Me too. And now from the racing car too. Because in Hockenheim I literally got an electric shock.

On Sat.1, from January 2021, I will not only host the DTM, but also Formula E. My colleague Timo Scheider (42) gave me a first foretaste of the electric racing series. However, in a car that is supposed to show the future of the DTM. Because the most popular German touring car series also wants to electrify from 2023.

And so DTM partner Schaeffler put a real electric beast in the Motodrom: 1200 hp from four electric motors, all-wheel drive, electronic steering as in a simulator, high-voltage batteries.

Andrea Kaiser and Timo Scheider were allowed to test drive the mega-speedster

Andrea Kaiser and Timo Scheider were allowed to test drive the mega-speedster

At the wheel during the secret maiden voyage: Ex-DTM champion Timo. Next to him on the electric chair: me!

Just for information: This DTM prototype is the most powerful electric racing car in the world!

For comparison: A Formula E car “only” has 340 hp, the Volkswagen ID.R, with which VW holds the electric record on the Nordschleife, has 680 hp. Also means: The electric DTM would be stronger than the current Formula 1.

Wait a minute: You don’t believe in electromobility? Not fast enough, not strong enough, not spectacular enough?

I can tell you: this car is awesome!

Timo presses the gas. 1200 hp claw into the asphalt front and back. We start shooting like a catapult. It tingles in the stomach. Hold your breath, close your eyes. Ahhhh !!!

The bare numbers scared me beforehand: from 0 to 100 in two seconds, it takes 6.5 seconds to break the 200 km / h mark.

The sheer madness!

Timo grins next to me in his helmet. It’s the best feeling in the world for a racing driver. To me? I would now like Timo to brake. Throws the anchor, as he calls it. He does it at some point, luckily in time.

If I was stapled to the backrest a moment ago, I am now pushed forward into the belts. Then Timo accelerates again. No switching, nothing. Like in an automatic car.

Schaeffler originally built the prototype to test how four electric motors can be coordinated on each wheel. Accordingly, the test car brings an INCREDIBLE 10,000 Nm of torque to each wheel – and my colleague Timo should now tame it.

Schaeffler developed the DTM Electric

Schaeffler developed the DTM ElectricPhoto: picture alliance / dpa

A real prototype is to be developed from the demo vehicle next year. The DTM Electric could start as early as 2023. With extremely fast cars that can be provided with their own silhouette, their “face”, as it were, by any manufacturer. That is an important aspect of marketing. The car that wins on Sunday can be bought on Monday. The DTM had recently strayed too far from that.

The sound? You miss that at the beginning. Your ears cannot orientate themselves when you are going faster. You only hear the gears and a hum that gets faster and faster. It’s just different from an internal combustion engine. But no less exciting.

After one lap, I peel myself out of the racing bucket seat. I just got shaken in the most powerful electric car in the world. That was really fun, even if my neck remembers it days later with extremely sore muscles.

Recorded by Bianca Garloff


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