DSC Bielfeld: Bielefeld’s women defend themselves against bad agitation on the net

“Respect and human interaction are very important to us!”

Bielefeld’s soccer players defend themselves against bad insults on the net!

The club publishes a clear statement on Instagram: “We say NO to bullying and hate speech online !!!!”

A Facebook comment by a user was published for this purpose. In this, the soccer players were insulted as “dishonorable filthy whores” – and also written: “Hang yourselves”.


The Arminia statement also states: “It is stunned what happens every day in this world these days! We want to make it very clear that we absolutely will not tolerate such a thing and will take further steps as soon as it goes like this. “

After a 14-day corona quarantine – and the already established relegation from the 2nd women’s Bundesliga to the Regionalliga West – the Bielefeld women lost the catch-up game against VfL Wolfsburg II 3-0 on Wednesday.

There is a lot of encouragement and support in the comments below the post!

Among other things from clubs like BV Borussia Bocholt: “No one, no club deserves such news / statements. We stand by your side against agitation and bullying, because we know what such messages / statements could do to sensitive people. ”Or also from the 2. Frauen-Bundesliga:“ We can’t find any words, but we think it’s good that you publish it ! “


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