‘Dream of green flowers’ saved Liu Yifei’s reputation

The success of “Dream Hoa Luc” ended the series of failed films of Liu Yifei, helping her gain recognition for acting.

Released from the beginning of June, historical dramas set in the Song Dynasty became a phenomenon in the Chinese language film village, which was highly appreciated by the audience among historical films in recent years, with 8.5/10 points in the forum. film Douban. One month past, Dream of green flowers leading the number of viewers, continuously becoming the most discussed topic on Chinese social networks.

The love scenes of Liu Yifei, Tran Hieu. Video: QQ

Follow Sina, more than 30 brands buy ads when the movie is played. Many brands “line up” for advertising, the cheapest fee per second is 100,000 yuan (3.4 billion dong).

The film revolves around the life of Trieu Phan Nhi (played by Liu Yifei) from being a tea shop owner in a small district, being annulled by her fiancé until becoming the owner of a large restaurant in the capital, struggling to protect her job. himself and protect his love with Co Thien Pham (played by Tran Hieu).

Liu Yifei was recognized by the audience for his acting when he transformed Trieu Phan Nhi. In some segments, she captivated the audience thanks to her restrained acting and harmonious outbursts. For example, when she realized she liked Co Thien Pham, Trieu Phan Nhi cried to her best friend: “I think I like someone”.

Liu Yifei dances while making tea

Liu Yifei shows off her knack for dancing in “Flower Dream”. Video: QQ

Page Sohu Comments Trieu Phan Nhi has experienced the pain of being annulled by her fiancé because of “lowly”, so when entering a new love story, she does not romanticize and improve love, but understands that liking someone is more. new responsibilities and difficulties to face.

In the work, Trieu Phan Nhi is not perfect, but has many shortcomings. When she is self-deprecating, when she is arrogant, she thinks that she is always right. Trieu Phan Nhi said that “women need to be independent”, but she relied on her boyfriend and asked him to spend money for business capital. Experiencing the event, losing everything, she realized that in all cases, she needed to take the initiative to be independent, no matter how good, rich, and powerful her boyfriend was.

Above QQ, Liu Yifei said that Trieu Phan Nhi has some similar personality traits to her, reflecting the person she is now. Page Mtime Closed comment Dream of green flowers is the wise move of the beauty. The script has some limitations, but the overall story and shape are suitable for the age of the actress. Director Duong Duong exploits Liu Yifei’s strengths in dance, sword dance and classical temperament. In the work, the audience no longer only commented on the beauty of Diep Phi, but sympathized with her character and acting style.

Create character Trieu Phan Nhi.  Photo: QQ

Create character Trieu Phan Nhi. Image: QQ

The beautiful love story in the film made the audience regret “Why Liu Yifei and Tran Hieu did not cooperate sooner”. However, according to the critic Dao Dieu, Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao met Dream of green flowers well-timed. “At the age of 35, the two actors have less purity and innocence, but more maturity and silence. Through the training and sharpening of time, they have eyes and tears that make the audience feel touched. move”, Dao Dieu said above Mtime.

Follow Lanjing Yulebefore Dream of green flowers, Liu Yifei was in an unfavorable position in his career, his acting was criticized more than praised. From after the movie Third love (2015) collaborated with Korean actor Song Seung Hun, her acting is increasingly receiving negative reviews. After that, she was constantly criticized in movies Turns out he’s still here, Three births, three worlds, and a decade of peach blossom. On the forum Douban, two works were scored below average by the audience – 4.2/10 and 4/10 points. In 2020, movies Magnolia Flower which she starred in did not resonate.

So, Dream of green flowers is considered a turning point in Liu Yifei’s career. Follow Sina, hundreds of thousands of fans called on the crew to continue the second part or Liu Yifei – Tran Hieu to reunite in a new project. Currently, the beauty is expected by fans in Go where the wind is – Films with modern contexts, young people’s startup topics, the tendency to leave the city and return to the countryside.

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