Dream goal shooter Paqarada – I cheer for my daughter

The first goal of the season for FC St. Pauli was fantastic – but caused question marks.

Leart Paqarada (26) snapped the 1-0 against Kiel (3-0) with an angle-thump from 25 meters. As he cheered, he pressed the fingers of both hands together. Now the left-back explains: “That was an ‘N’. My daughter’s name is Naleya-Aventia. Whereby we only use the second part if she doesn’t listen to us … “

He has been wearing a pink ribbon with his daughter’s name on his left wrist since he was born 18 months ago.

After training, Leart showed Paqarada the name tape on his left wristPhoto: Ackermann

Nice but rare are the goal qualities of the Kosovo international. “I only scored seven goals in almost 200 games (183, the editor). One was more beautiful than the other. But I’d rather swap and score more goals. “

Either way. When it comes to celebrating the goal, Paqarada will soon have to adapt. At the beginning of August, his wife Chantal has a second daughter. Paqarada: “Becoming a dad is the most beautiful thing in the world. That can only give me strength. “

Like the election to the team council. “This is actually the first time. I see that as a huge appreciation, ”reveals the native of Aachen. “That was an adjustment screw that I wanted to turn in order to build up even more personality.”

Another positive aspect is the return of fans. “It’s absolutely crazy. This is my second season and I played in front of so many fans for the first time. That felt like 100,000. I don’t even want to know how it is when the house is full. “

His biggest fans are his parents who live in Leverkusen. “They have always been there for seven or eight years.” That was also the case against Kiel.

If everything goes well, then you will be in Aue. “The goal is to take three points,” says Leart. And looking at the table: “The further ahead you stand, the nicer it is. The more self-confidence there is. “


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