Donnie Yen plays Kieu Phong ‘Thien Long Bat Bo’

Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen plays the male lead in “Thien Long Bat Bo: Tale of Kieu Phong”.

According to HK01, the 59-year-old actor is also the producer of the work. The film’s director is Vuong Tinh and Trinh Vy Van – two close friends of Donnie Yen. For the past two months, the actor has been surveying filming locations in mainland China to recreate the majestic scenes described in Jin Yong’s novels.

Poster “Thien Long Bat Bo: Tales of Kieu Phong” – swordplay film adaptation of Kim Dung’s story. Image: HK01

On May 18, the film crew introduced the first poster, Kieu Phong dressed in red, standing in the middle of the match. The actor, who participated in the script writing, said that he and his crew carefully researched the history of the book, trying to recreate the details in the most historical way.

The film is expected to start filming in July in the provinces of Zhejiang, Shanxi, Anhui… The supporting actors have not been announced, but according to some movie bloggers, the beautiful Tran Ngoc Ky was chosen to play A Chau. Ngoc Ky played the female lead Trieu Man in the TV series Ỷ Heavenly Do Long Ky 2019.

Donnie Yen while surveying the filming location, on May 17.  Photo: Weibo/Zhen Zidan

Donnie Yen while surveying the filming location, on May 17. Image: Weibo/Zhen Zidan

Donnie Yen was born in a martial arts family, from a young age followed her mother to study traditional Chinese subjects. At the age of 11, his family immigrated to the US, Donnie Yen approached other martial arts. Above QQthe actor once said that he does not consider himself a master: “I have been practicing martial arts since I was young, but basically, I have devoted my life to cinema. I am an amateur boxer and a professional filmmaker. “.

Donnie Yen shows off a video of her childhood nunchaku practice

Donnie Yen practiced nunchaku as a child. Video: Weibo/Zhen Zidan

When asked which sect influenced him the most, the actor replied from the filmmaker’s perspective, any sect is important. Currently, many viewers think that Chinese martial arts films are “fraud, unrealistic, exaggerating martial arts”, Donnie Yen said that martial arts is highly scientific, showing clear physical skills. “Audiences should not equate martial arts and martial arts because those are two completely different concepts. A boxing line is just a boxing line, but a swordplay story deified it,” the actor said.

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