Donnie Yen is insured for more than 12 million USD

The movie production company “Come back home” bought more than HKD 100 million ($12.8 million) in insurance for Donnie Yen.

Above On On March 4, Vuong Hai Phong – the film’s investor – revealed why he refused to ask for a stuntman when he participated in a new movie, filmed in the mountains in China. In addition to the fight scene, the 59-year-old actor performed scenes like being buried in the snow, soaking in the rapids in harsh weather. Vuong Hai Phong revealed that when filming the part under the rapids, the crew used two large steel coils to hold the actor. If a loophole occurs, the actor will be swept away by strong currents.

Donnie Yen on the movie poster “Come back home”. Photo: HK01

Donnie Yen said that the biggest difficulty for him when filming the work was physical strength. The first time the actor experienced the feeling of being exhausted to the point of “broken” mood when working in minus 30 degrees Celsius weather.

Search and rescue themed movie, revolving around a family driving up the mountain on their own. The negligent father leads to the disappearance of his eight-year-old son. The couple called for help. Vuong Hai Phong said that the film crew filmed in the snowy mountains to realistically and touchingly recreate the rescue team’s story of saving lives. Come back home Directed by La Chi Luong, also starring Han Tuyet and Duong Huc, is expected to hit theaters this year.

Donnie Yen filmed the chase scene in the movie Fury (2021).  Photo: Weibo/Zhen Zidan

Donnie Yen filmed the chase scene of the movie “Rage of Fire” (2021). Photo: Weibo/Zhen Zidan

According to Chinatimes, Donnie Yen has repeatedly challenged his limits when filming. At the beginning of his career, the director often asked him to hit and hit him, leading to four times he almost went blind. Currently, Donnie Yen needs periodic physical therapy because old wounds often recur.

The match between Donnie Yen and Mike Tyson in

Donnie Yen vs Mike Tyson in “Ip Man 3”. Video: Super Hero Films

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