Does capitalism have “some responsibility” in the management of “uncontrolled” immigration?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – “How we can accept that companies give employment contracts to people in an irregular situation”, indignant Gérald Darmanin.

THE QUESTION – Is France too lax with its foreign workers in an irregular situation? On BFMTV, Wednesday evening, Gérald Darmanin put this subject on the table. Returning to the case of Jamel G., author of the atrocious attack of Rambouillet, the Minister of the Interior recalled that this one had arrived in an irregular situation in France in 2009. Driver delivery, he had chained the contracts, him allowing to benefit “at the end of 2019, an exceptional employee residence permit then, on December 28, 2020, a residence permit valid until December 2021“, According to the national anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office (Pnat).

How we can accept that companies give employment contracts to people in an irregular situationAsked the Minister of the Interior. “He had numerous employment contracts, although he was irregular. And it was not regularized […] that because he had an employment contract“. In these conditions, “the business world should also ask itself questions“, Judged the first cop in France, for whom”French capitalism also has a share of responsibility in the management of this uncontrolled immigration“. What can we think of this position?

CHECKS. Let’s start by looking at what the law says. In theory, the Labor Code prohibits employing an employee in an irregular situation: “no one can, directly

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