Doctolib, more essential than ever since the start of the health crisis

Doctolib, heavyweight in the online management of medical appointments, has become even more prominent in the landscape thanks to the health crisis. Fifty million patients in France used its services in 2021, according to figures released Monday, January 10 by the platform. One in five is over 55 years old and 88% of them live outside the five largest cities in France.

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“We have made it possible to divide the time before an appointment with specialists between three and four”, supports Stanislas Niox-Chateau, co-founder and president of Doctolib. For him, the health crisis highlighted that “Digital, in health, is an essential partner”.

300,000 caregivers

However, this has not boosted the company’s revenue, even if 84 million vaccination appointments have been recorded on the platform since the start of the campaign. “We have only been paid by the State a hundred euros per month andfor each of the 1,500 vaccination centers with which we work ”, details the leader.

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With 100,000 additional health professionals “enrolled” in 2021, the community of healthcare professionals using Doctolib now reaches 300,000 people. “We have diversified by expanding the number of specialties, summarizes Stanislas Niox-Chateau. In 2021, 13,000 liberal dentists, 9,000 psychologists and 8,000 physiotherapists joined us. “ Almost two-thirds of these caregivers live outside the twenty largest cities in France. Doctolib aims to convince 100,000 additional caregivers in 2022.

New services

For caregivers, the price of the Doctolib software subscription ranges from 100 to 200 € per month, depending on whether or not they include, for example, the practice of teleconsultation. Most of Doctolib’s income is provided by these subscriptions, hence the care taken in the development of new tools: among others, a new series of services around the management of consultations for the 250 public hospitals already working with Doctolib.

“We are also going to launch Doctolib Médecin and Doctolib Team, announces Arthur Thirion, the managing director. The first is medical and administrative software helping with the medical monitoring of patients and the financial management of the practice. The second, a secure and encrypted messaging to coordinate care between health professionals. “

While the company has in the past been criticized for managing patient data, it argues that it has already doubled its data security staff in 2021, and is once again going double them in 2022. While recalling that the Council of State has validated its data hosting strategy, entrusted to Amazon Web Services.

No details on turnover

Disorders about the number of their users, the leaders of the company created in 2013 are much less so about their financial performance. The turnover of the company is not known, nor its result.

We are not profitable, but our economic development is viable ”, just specifiesStanislas Niox-Chateau. Same discretion on the value of the company. “It has been several years that we no longer communicate about our various fundraising events”, assumes the founder.

Expected development in Germany and Italy

The only quantified precision announced Monday, January 10: investments planned to the tune of 300 million euros in 2022. Two thirds will be made in France, the third third in Germany (9 million patients, 35,000 health professionals already users) and in Italy, where Doctolib bought its competitor Dottori in October, and intends to invest 250 million euros over the next five years. The company especially wants to develop in these three countries, even if it does not refrain from examining, in the medium term, other possibilities of establishment.

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It should create 700 jobs during the year, while it already has 2,300 employees, including a thousand in Germany and 200 in Italy. To each of them, the leaders will offer, from this week, a subscription warrant of at least € 20,000 to enter the capital of the company. What motivate the troops of Doctolib which also aims the status of company with mission by the end of the year.


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