“Do you need a health pass to sleep at a hotel?” “

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Not all hotels have the obligation to request the health pass, it depends on their offer. Those who only offer an accommodation solution, without the possibility of eating, having a drink or even without a swimming pool or SPA do not have to ask their customers for a pass.

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However, since July 21, hotels with a common area, like a swimming pool or an activity room that can accommodate more than 50 people, require their customers over 18 to have a health pass but only on their arrival on the premises. If your hotel has a swimming pool, for example, you do not have to show your pass each time you want to go there, but only when you enter the hotel, when collecting the keys to your room.

Finally, from August 9, the date on which the extension of the health pass must come into force, hotels that offer their customers something to eat or have a drink They will also be obliged to request the health pass, under penalty of a fine of € 1,500. A single check will be made at the start of the stay. Customers will not have to show their pass each time they visit the bar or restaurant.

As a reminder, the health pass is a document which verifies that a person is vaccinated, tested negative for the virus or recovered from Covid-19.If you are vaccinated and want to stay in a hotel that requires the pass, then you will not have to perform a PCR test. On the other hand, if you are neither vaccinated nor cured of Covid, you will have to justify a negative result of a test (antigen or PCR). It must be less than 48 hours old when you present it, but you will not have to redo it during your stay since it is only required upon entering the premises.


The health pass also compulsory for employees

As of August 30, employees in sectors affected by the extension of the health pass will also be required to present one in order to work. An employee without proof will be suspended and will not receive his salary. If the situation continues for more than three days, the person will be called for an interview to examine “The means to regularize his situation, in particular the possibilities of assignment” on a position not subject to the obligation of the pass.

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