Do you have one in the living room? Normal, Advent calendars are everywhere

The freezing night falls at 4.30 p.m. sharp, Mariah Carey hums her endless “All I Want for Christmas Is You” in cutesy TV films and the trees are ready to make their entry into homes … In short, the countdown to Christmas has begin. A pivotal date, December 1, marks the opening of the Advent calendars. Because in recent years, this object has imposed itself in homes. Now there is something for all tastes, all prices and all ages.

If it remains a classic, the square of chocolate that we take out of the box every evening before Christmas has been replaced by toys or children’s books, or in an adult version, by beauty products, gourmet dishes, fashion accessories, alcoholic mignonnettes… And now even with 24 erotic objects, thanks to the Advent calendar published by the Passage du desire brand. Do not throw any more!

The figures speak for themselves: having become a staple of the end-of-year celebrations, these sampled pleasures are increasingly popular with consumers. “Since 2017, sales of this type of product have continued to grow, in particular thanks to a diversification of the offer”, confirms Mathilde Lion, of the NPD cabinet. And just for the beauty industry, “No less than 167 Advent calendars were referenced in 2020, generating 2.1 million euros in sales (+ 83% compared to 2019)”.

And this, while at that time, the pandemic restricted access to products c

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