“Do not drink by creating a league”: Heineken sketches the failure of the Super League

Historical sponsor of the Champions League, the beer brand reacted with humor to the outcry caused by the very quickly aborted Super League project.

Abandoned barely 48 hours after being announced, the football Super League project, which had aroused hostile reactions from many supporters at the start of the week, has in any case whetted the appetites of some communicators. The Heineken beer brand, which has sponsored the Champions League for many years, a competition that would have been undermined by the Super League project, has indeed given it to their heart.

The ad was “liked” 42,000 times in two days. Heineken

The Dutch brand, with its agency Publicis, reacted to this fiasco with an ironic post against the launchers of the Super League project on its Instagram account. We can read there: “Don’t drink & start a league, Enjoy Heineken responsibly“, Or in French version:”Don’t drink when starting a league, enjoy your Heineken beer in moderation“. The post was a real success on the network, with 42,000 likes in two days and many positive comments.

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On Sunday April 18, twelve of the most prestigious European football clubs in the world announced their plans for a new private competition, financed among others by the JPMorgan bank. This idea of ​​a closed league was similar to existing models in basketball and came to compete with the historic Champions League, carried by UEFA. It should have been launched as early as 2022.

But barely announced, the new competition met with strong opposition from supporters and sports and political figures. They criticized its organizers for seeking financial interests there against the values ​​of sport. The criticisms were such that the founding clubs had to give up the project one after the other.


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