Djokovic: What was forbidden during the interview after the positive test

This interview made headlines around the world – three weeks late …

In a statement on Instagram, tennis superstar Novak Djokovic (34) admitted to having met two reporters from the French “L’Équipe” on December 18, 2021 – despite a positive corona test two days earlier!

“I felt obliged and didn’t want to let the journalists down,” said Djokovic about the appointment in his tennis center in Belgrade. He kept his distance and only dropped the mask once for the photos with the award presented to him.

Djokovic without a mask when shooting with the trophy as “Champion of Champions 2021”Photo: WITTERS

In retrospect, however, he sees that this was “a misjudgment and that I should have postponed the commitment”. After the interview, Djokovic went into isolation.

“L’Équipe” journalist Franck Ramella also spoke in detail about the meeting. Djokovic was in a good mood and wore a mask. “During the 33 minutes of the interview, Djokovic answered the questions with conviction. We were both sheltered across from each other at a distance of about three feet. Djokovic was made by Etienne Garnier (the photographer / editor’s note) asked to take off his mask for five minutes during the interview, which he refused. “

There was no question of a (positive) test. Ramella also only found out about it now. Questions about vaccination or the Australian Open had already been forbidden. To say goodbye, Djokovic had patted Ramella on the shoulder and said: “Kiss me this beautiful city of Paris!”.

How “positive” was the meeting really? Before his statement today, Djokovic was in need of an explanation. Not only because of his public appearances after his apparently positive test, but also because doubts about the timing and authenticity of the PCR test presented had been raised.

Despite the Djokovic statement, many questions remain unanswered in the immigration crime thriller …


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