Display series of human face reliefs

Hanoi75 “Do not think” human face sculptures of Bui Duc were displayed from October 30 to November 10.

The reliefs are the result of nearly a year of labor of Bui Duc in a private homestay in Sapa, Lao Cai. Wooden faces are made by him with a chainsaw, each causing him to have an accident during the process. Each face is mounted on wooden frames with different shapes. These are familiar items in the life of ethnic minorities in the Northwest such as rice tray, chopping board, wine fermentation plate, smithy … They are old for a long time, but over time, they are people replaced with new and more modern ones. Bui Duc picked up old things and cherished them like treasures before he had the intention of turning them into works, granting them a new life.

Works in the exhibition “Do not think” by Bui Duc. Image: Pisces.

The exhibition title – “Don’t think” – according to Bui Duc reflects his state when he composes. He does not aim to create products that carry any message or meaning. The author just rushed into the office, creating any faces, creative inspiration. Bui Duc said he did not think, but the reliefs are angular, austerity like the human face is thinking. The author explains that it is an unconscious reflection of the faces that he has met in his life.

Bui Duc left Hanoi for Sapa to live 5 years ago and built a private homestay. There, he spent time learning about the culture and life of the H’mong ethnic people, sticking to the mountains and forests. The artist said that the cultural material of the Northwest region naturally permeates him, so the works also have a breath here. In the opening ceremony of the exhibition, he wears national costumes, inviting guests to the typical dishes of the mountains.

Artist Bui Duc in the exhibition space.  Photo: Facebook Bui Duc.

Artist Bui Duc in the exhibition space. Image: Facebook Bui Duc.

Bui Duc 53 years old, originally a lacquer painter, graduated with excellence from University of Fine Arts in 2003. He attended Singapore International Painting Exhibition 2007, organized exhibitions. In the background is the mountain in Hanoi in 2008, lacquer painting exhibition Mother Au Co September 2010.

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