Diep Lam Anh: ‘I’m tired of holding on to marriage’

Singer Diep Lam Anh once moved out of the house due to anger at her husband, then returned and tried to hold on to her marriage for two children but failed.

On the afternoon of January 9, Diep Lam Anh confirmed that she had separated from her husband and moved out to live separately. During the talk about her private life, she stopped a few times and asked to go out to calm down because she was emotional.

Her marital status has attracted the audience’s attention from the end of 2021 until now, why is she speaking out about the rift now?

At the end of 2021, I denied my situation because I thought there was still a way to solve it. But now I can’t be saved, I’m really tired. When the relationship between husband and wife is turbulent, many times I wonder if I have tried hard enough during the time of living together. When I came back after two months of living apart, I realized that all my efforts were more than enough. Marriage is built together by two parties, not just one person suffering.

From the time I was pregnant with my second child – baby B.Boy, our relationship has been turbulent. After that, because many things happened, I was very angry, took my two children and left the house. Mother-in-law loves her parents and children, so she visits and encourages me a lot every day. She advised me to return home and try to mend the relationship for the sake of our young children. At that time I still loved my husband and thought he would change after many things. But, our relationship did not improve.

Diep Lam Anh confirmed her separation from her husband, on the afternoon of January 9. Photo: Hoang Dung

– How do you and your husband keep your relationship when you separate?

We no longer talk to each other. Before, living in the same house, eating at the same tray of rice, the two did not talk to each other much, only expressing their joy to reassure the family. I didn’t want to eat shared meals that were really hard to swallow anymore, so I had to move out and live separately.

The two children are too young to know anything about their parents not living together. Currently, the children are still living fully in the love of their grandparents, grandparents and parents. My parents and children currently rent an apartment to live with their grandmother, with two nannies to help me take care of the children. I also often take Boorin (three years old) and B.Boy (two years old) over to play with my grandparents.

How did the two families react?

– Both sides of the family are sad but can’t help it, even though the family did everything before to hold on to our marriage. I am fortunate in difficult times to have my mother-in-law on my side. Mother-in-law always stands by her daughter-in-law’s side to affirm our real marital status. I found myself not alone and received a lot of comfort and encouragement from her. Grandparents on both sides of the family now focus on taking care of their grandchildren. My love story and my husband and family let us decide for ourselves.

In 2018, Diep Lam Anh married businessman Nghiem Duc in Ho Chi Minh City.  Since getting married, she has been less active in showbiz, mainly running a milk tea and fashion shop.  The singer was born in 1989 in Hanoi, used to be a member of the dance group Big Toe for six years.  In 2012, the beauty participated in the Miss Sports contest but did not win any prizes.  In 2013, Diep Lam Anh won the championship of the program The Amazing Race.

In 2018, Diep Lam Anh married businessman Nghiem Duc in Ho Chi Minh City, since then, she has been less active in showbiz, mainly dealing in milk tea and fashion. Singer was born in 1989 in Hanoi, used to be a member of dance group Big Toe for six years. In 2012, the beauty participated in the Miss Sports contest but did not win any prizes. In 2013, Diep Lam Anh won the “Amazing Race” program.

– How did the breakup change your opinion about marriage?

– Before getting married, I think my life will be happy because being a bride in a family has conditions, my husband is handsome, stylish, everything is perfect. I also plan to have four children, create a family full of children. I limit showbiz activities, focus on the role of wife, try to help with the business with my husband and family. The picture of marriage is painted bright pink by me. But things didn’t go as planned. After everything that happened, I think marriage is a matter of grace, debt, and nature. Marriage still has its positive sides because many couples still live happily together

The best thing I have in this marriage is two lovely children, making me happy. Two children are the motivation for me to overcome all difficulties and events in life. Boorin and B.Boy are very attached to each other, always asking to sleep with their mother.

Having two children and own business, what pressure do you face in life?

– I am under a lot of pressure because of the burden on my shoulders about children, family, employees in the company. If I fall, it all affects me, I have no other choice and have to forcefully step through. I have cried my tears and now need to rush to work so that I don’t have free time to think about and be sad. Now my business is stable. I want to be a self-sufficient woman and that is my life goal.

In addition, I take other people’s joy as my own to balance the pressure. For example, now that I do charity work, helping others, I see that life still has many good things.

Diep Lam Anh denies divorce

Diep Lam Anh talked about divorce rumors and husband and wife relationship in November 2021. Video: Hoang Dung

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