Diem My 9x celebrates Tet with her lover’s family

Actress Diem My spent the first day of the Year of the Tiger having fun at the house of her boyfriend – businessman Vinh Nguyen.

She wore a stylized pastel pink dress when she went to wish her boyfriend’s family New Year. Many viewers praised Diem My and her beautiful boyfriend, sometimes posting pictures of them holding hands on their personal pages. The actor said: “Every year, I get up early, wear ao dai to visit my grandparents’ family. This year, I spend the 1st day with Mr. Vinh and his boyfriend’s parents. His family psychologically treated me. like a girl”. The beauty feels warm and peaceful like in the years of Tet when she was still a mother.

Diem My, Vinh Nguyen wear stylized Ao Dai on the 1st. Photo: Characters provided

After receiving the lucky money, the whole family gathered together to eat jam and then drink coffee. Diem My said that this year’s Tet is quite busy, because of the movie 1990 she just debuted. She plans to promote the film with the crew. After that, the beauty will go on vacation with her boyfriend.

Beauty and Vinh Nguyen announced their love in March 2018. They met in Australia, when the actor was there to promote the film. After the first two years of a long distance relationship, the businessman returned home to develop the family business. In 2021, they combine to open a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. He is a sports enthusiast, inspiring Diem My to practice at home during the pandemic. They plan to get married but have not determined a wedding date.

Diem My with her parents and younger sister Vinh Nguyen.  Photo: Character provided

Diem My with her parents and younger sister Vinh Nguyen. Photo: Characters provided

Diem My 9x full name is Vu Pham Diem My, born in 1990. The stage name “9x” is used by her to distinguish it from veteran actress Diem My. She has been acting since she was 5 years old. She has participated in movies Very old girls part 1, Run and count, Miss Saigon1990, preparing to star with Lan Ngoc, Phuong Anh Dao, Jun Vu in web series Four great beauties

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