Diego Maradona turns 60 – 60 facts for his birthday!

Argentina legend Diego Maradona turns 60 on Friday.

For its 60th birthday, BILD lists 60 exciting facts about the 1986 world champion.

1 Diego Armando Maradona was born on October 30th. Born in Villa Fiorito in 1960

He was twice in the World Cup final. In 1986 he won against Germany, in 1990 he lost to Germany

He had 3 children during his drug withdrawal in Cuba, and he is a father of eight

He conceded 4 goals in the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup against Germany – his end as national coach

He played 5 games in 1993 for Newell’s Old Boys. Enough to name a grandstand after him

In 1984, Naples paid 6.97 million euros to Barca for Maradona

“A cat has 7 lives, but at Maradona we stopped counting” (saying)

His parents had 8 children

He scored 9 goals in eight games against Udinese Calcio – more than any other club

10 was his jersey number. The approximately 40,000 followers of the “Iglesia Maradoniana – La Mano de D10S” pay homage to her to this day

He scored 11 goals in his 1982/83 debut season for FC Barcelona

You have to be 12 years old to see Asif Kapadia’s documentary

13 Epiosden had his TV show La Noche del 10 in 2005 in which he interviewed celebrities

An ambulance with Maradona XX wandered through Buenos Aires for 14 hours. No hospital wanted to be the place where Maradona dies

In 1991 he was banned from the Italian Association for drug abuse for 15 months

Maradona was 16 years old when he made his national team debut in 1977 (5-1 against Hungary)

He scored 17 goals in 1981 in his first season with Boca Juniors

Golf has 18 holes. He discovered sport as a hobby after his career

It took 19 years before he admitted his “Hand of God” goal at the 1986 World Cup against England was irregular

He was married to Claudia Villafañe for 20 years. Divorce 2004

He played 21 World Cup games for Argentina. His last at the 1994 World Cup, where he tested positive for doing

Asif Kapadia collected 22 days of film material for his documentary – over 500 hours

He made 23 games in his first season as a coach for two clubs in Argentina, of which he won three

There was 24 months probation in 1994 for shooting journalists with an air rifle

October 25, 1997 is the date of his last professional game (Boca versus River)

He made 26 games for Seville in 1992, then was dismissed for misconduct (including driving 150 km / h through the city in a Porsche)

Maradona has 27 nicknames. At least. The best known: El Pibe de Oro (“The Golden Boy”)

Maradona smoked 28 cigars per week before his hospital stay in 2007

He made 29 assists at SSC Napoli and scored 115 goals in 259 games

30 for 30 is the name of the ESPN sports film series in which “Maradona ’86” appeared

The Maradona Museum has been closed for 31 weeks due to Corona

He held the national record for assists in a World Cup game (2) for 32 years, until Messi drew level in 2018

33 years after his presentation at SSC Napoli, he was made an honorary citizen of the city in 2017

He scored 34 goals in his 90 international matches for Argentina

He had 35 million euros in tax debt with the Italian state

An earring fetched 36,000 dollars at auction in 2010

It’s been 37 years since Maradona played in the GDR – 5-1 victory in Magdeburg in the 1983 Cup Winners’ Cup

Maradona trained 38 games in Sinaloa / Mexico. Balance: 20 wins, nine bankruptcies, nine draws

39 is the number on the shirt of Hernán López, a great-nephew of Maradona, at River Plate

“40 years in my life are like 70 in the life of others,” he once said

41 buddies accompanied him to advertising appointments when the times were good

42 years ago it was the World Cup in your own country. Coach Menotti didn’t nominate him – “too young”.

He played 43 games for Barcelona (30 goals)

He made his professional debut 44 years ago

45 million Argentines have been waiting for an interview from Maradona for half a year

Maradona played 46 minutes in a test kick with Barca in Meppen in 1982

47 people were in attendance when Maradona asked for the hand of Rocio Oliva in 2018

His daughter Gianinna’s marriage to professional Sergio Agüero lasted 48 months

Fidel Castro ruled Cuba for 49 years. The two were friends

His ex-wife Claudia Villafañe has 50,000 followers on Instagram

51st minute. In 1986 Maradona scored his hand-goal against England (“Hand of God”)

52,000 people were in the stadium when Argentina won the U21 World Cup in Tokyo in 1979

Maradona received 53.6 percent of the vote in the Internet election for Footballer of the Century in 2000

For 54 days he was CEO of Dynamo Brest / Belarus

A jersey that was auctioned for Corona aid in April brought in 55,000 euros

La Plata, where he currently trains, is 56 kilometers from Buenos Aires

Maradona weighed 57 kilos after his first stomach reduction in 2005

Maradona has scored 58 goals in his career from a free kick (other sources speak of 62)

There were 59 injured in the tumult after the cup final in 1984, which was instigated by Maradona

Maradona is turning 60 now. BILD says: Feliz Cumpleaños!


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